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Los Alamos NM evacuated from fires – Labs closed: Boycott fireworks in NM, fires all over the state (photos)

Please, everyone in New Mexico… BOYCOTT ALL FIREWORKS THIS YEAR!

Fires are erupting all over the state, no rain in site.

Page on Facebook in support of this boycott (must be logged into FB):  Click here

Los Alamos evacuated as Las Conchas fire grows

A mandatory evacuation for the City of Los Alamos is in effect Monday (June 27) as the Las Conchas wildfire threatens the area.

Eletha Trujillo with the Taos County Office of Emergency Management said the primary health concern for Taos County residents was the smoke from the fire that has settled in the area.

Trujillo said the forecast tonight is for cooler temperatures and calming winds, meaning Taoseños might wake up to especially smoky conditions tomorrow (June 28). She recommended that people with health conditions stay indoors and asked that drivers be especially cautious because of limited visability.

Trujillo said that she did not perceive any risk of radiation in the smoke from Los Alamos. Officials at the labs have insisted that all radioactive materials are safely stored and do not pose a threat. A spokesman from the lab could not immediately be reached for comment.

According to a Monday afternoon incident update on the fire, it had grown to nearly 44,000 acres and was 0 percent contained. The Los Alamos National Labs (LANL) were also closed to nonessential personnel Monday.

According to information from Los Alamos County, the evacuation of three areas was taking place Monday, with the groups being notified by “reverse 911.”

Group one includes Western, Quemazon and Ponderosa; group two includes North Community, Barranca Mesa and North Mesa; and group three includes East of Diamond and the rest of the town. Evacuees were urged not to go to White Rock in case that area is evacuated, as well.

Transportation is available for those who call (505) 661-7433. The Big Rock Santa Claran Event Center was opened as a shelter.

Campgrounds near the fire were evacuated Sunday (June 26).

Las Conchas fire started Sunday afternoon on private land near the Jemez Ranger District in the Santa Fe National Forest, about 3 miles south of Los Alamos. Structures and power lines were threatened, but according to the incident update, “all radioactive material is appropriately accounted for and protected.”

For more information and updates, call (505) 667-6622 or visit

Source: Taos News


Below:  Los Alamos, Los Conchas Fire

Below:  Jemez Mountains, recently taken

Below:  South of Belen, taken Sunday, June 26, 2011


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