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New photos of Los Alamos fires smoke July 1, 2011

Nearly 104,000 acres have been scorched as of this afternoon, July 1st, 2011. Containment is only 3%. Las Conchas Fire is now considered the largest in New Mexico history, and still growing. Santa Clara Pueblo is hard hit, and their vital watershed is not nothing but flames. Los Alamos National Labs have remained untouched – but considering the labs have been their since WWII… who knows what was buried in the canyons and mountains in decades past when radioactive waste disposal was not what it is today. After all… this is the birthplace of the A-Bomb which was dropped on Nagaski and Hiroshima….

Below are pictures I just took this evening from the north side of Albuquerque, approximately 60 miles as the crow flies to the fires.

Truly devastating.

Click on a picture below to enlarge, then continue to scroll through by clicking on the picture.

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