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Los Alamos NM residents return home

Los Alamos residents start returning home after evacuations lifted on Sunday morning.  All normal access points to the town are now open with the following exceptions:  SR 4 remains closed west of Monterey Drive South and all access points to the Jemez Mountains remain closed.

Because the fire is not completely contained, wildfire and burnout operations will continue to produce heavy smoke.

Investigators believe the fire started after an aspen tree was blown down onto nearby power lines during a period of strong winds. The contact resulted in the line arcing, which then caused the tree to catch fire. Heat and flame caused the line to snap, which then allowed the burning tree to fall onto the ground where the fire spread into nearby vegetation.

Investigators from New Mexico State Forestry, the USDA Forest Service, New Mexico State Police and Sandoval County conducted the investigation and were on scene shortly after the fire started on Sunday, June 26. Since then, the fire has burned more than 121,248 acres.  Containment currently at 11%.

Welcome home, Los Alamos.

And a special thanks to all the firefights who helped keep the town safe.

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