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Fun facts about Michele Bachmann including her hiding in the bushes spying on GLBT rally

LOL!  This is great!  Seriously, though… this woman is a candidate for the President of the United States?  If she wins – which will never happen – I’m leaving the country and hiding in shame.

At 6:10 in this video, they reference Michele hiding in the bushes spying on a Gay Rights Activist protest – which I have included the picture below the video, and the posting from Footage Not Found. No, I cannot find proof that this actually is Michele in the photo below, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if it was.


From Footage Not Found:

Back in 2005 Michele Bachmann was a lowly Minnesota State Senator.  Bored with the prospect of never wielding the great power that she believes God has intended for her, she decided to jumpstart her political career.  How did she do that?  She attempted to circumvent Senate Committee process, and force the MN Senate to vote on an amendment that would end civil unions and outlaw gay marriage.  Naturally she decided to do this on a day where approximately 2,500 GLBT supporters were rallying on the capitol steps.  Because she is a total bigoted dickhole, the Senate voted down her amendment in a landslide.  Devastated by her crushing defeat, Bachmann decided to go spy on the protesters.  Here is a picture of her hiding behind some bushes (SERIOUSLY CROUCHING BEHIND SOME BUSHES!), spying on the gays.  To this day, this remains my favorite MB moment, and I honestly don’t know how she’ll ever top it…but I remain hopeful.

MORE Fun Facts found about Michele Bachmann!!!  Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to Huffington Post:

Michele Bachmann’s fans rewrote John Quincy Adams’ Wikipedia page, so that it would agree with what she had said in a broadcast interview.

This is what we get for letting Congresspeople rewrite the Congressional Record to clean up their screw-ups. We’d better hope no one ever invents a real time tunnel, or these maniacs will be the first ones to run into the past and eliminate their election foes by killing grandparents.

But this revisionism does give me an idea…instead of all the hard work and expense of running for President, why doesn’t Bachmann wait till the day after the 2012 Election…then rewrite that page?

And video posted on Funny or Die about 12 more Fun Facts on Michele:


  1. Do the people that believe this stuff have any sort of crap filter? Is it just that you want to believe this is her or is it that you’re just completely stupid?

    • Ms. Bachmann in fact did really hide in the bushes at a gay rally. I’m sorry that reality has fallen into your crap filter. If you’re making a different point that we shouldn’t care that she hides in bushes at gay rallies; I’m all ears.

  2. michele bachmann her and sarah palin i consider a pair of c—‘s sorry can’t come up with clean language for either one of those bags. i keep thinking won’t they ever go away ? every time you turn on the tv they are running their mouths. god deliver us from people like them. you know there was a time in this country when people would not put up with either of them. i blame it on the need for viagara. men did not need that stuff and theyed have put up with those bags about ten minutes oh where did all the men go ?

  3. I remember the news reports about this and the photos from 2005. A friend of mine was at the event and says it was her. So, you’ve got two sources. Don’t believe the people who say this never happened. They are not accurate. It did happen.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this info. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she was hiding in the bushes. My idealistic side says no, she wouldn’t hide in the bushes. She’s a public figure and that’s just a stupid thing to do. But then I remind myself it’s Michele Bachmann. Now when you look up the definition for stupid, ignorant, bigot, and a few others, you see Bachmann’s photo listed.

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