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The Tea Party Defends Wall St. As US Day Of Rage Protests Corruption

Mad Tea Party Tweeters are taking over the #USDOR twitter stream in yet another demonstration in their belief that might makes right. Yes, it’s September 17, the Day of Rage where average citizens are protesting the government’s enabling of the corruption of Wall Street.

Ironically, certain angry patriots who just months ago were claiming that it was American to bring a weapon to their representative’s office in order to send the message “Don’t tread on me!” to the government are now are clogging up the Twitter #USDOR Twitter stream mocking the “liberal hipsters” occupying Wall Street. Here’s a glimpse of comments from one page of the stream (names have been taken out to protect the ignorant, but suffice it to say the world Patriot is featured heavily):

• The NYPD finally gets to clear its inventory of hippie-strength tear gas. #USDoR
• Hippies should be neutered -. Please pick up your trash. #usdor
• Waaah! George W. Bush didn’t make me rich or famous …. WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! #USDOR
• I wonder if all of Wall Street is getting a contact high today. #USDOR
• Live video of Day of Rage, message seems to be the grasshoppers wants all the ants money. #usdor #DayOfRage #usdayofrage #p2 #tcot #caring
• #usdor Haven’t seen this many white people since the funeral of Sen. Robert Byrd (KKK,D)
• Hey Hey ho ho Merry Christmas has got to go, After mommy and daddy give me money for rent next month #USDOR
• Why are the #TakeWallStreet not speaking English? What country are they in? Deport all illegals. #p2 #USDOR
• If any of you fine New Yorkers are approached by rambling hippies today, just give them a job application. They’ll scatter like flies #usdor

Aw, that’s cute, isn’t it? They must be upset, since they are pretty much dominating the Twitter Stream in a sort of desperate attempt to prove the irrelevance of the protests by shouting them down. They’d best watch the constant attempts to dominate the discussion lest no one listens to the poor little boy who cried Wolf one too many times.

For the rest of the article, please click here to go to the PoliticusUSA site.

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