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A man, his wife, their dog… and a bear

A black bear attacked and injured a Perry County couple early Monday after chasing their dog into their home.

Richard Moyer told abc27 News he was letting in the dog at around 3 a.m. when the bear rushed through a patio door and jumped on him. He suffered injuries to his head, face and arms.

“I know what it’s like to be a salmon now,” he joked after the couple came home from a hospital Monday afternoon in bandages and medical scrubs.

Moyer’s wife, Angela, was injured when she stepped in to stop the attack.


“I saw him being attacked right here on our living room floor,” she told abc27. “I tried to distract the bear. I don’t know that I jumped on him or whatever, but whatever I did was enough to make the bear turn and jump on me.”

Richard said the bear made a run back to the patio, but hit Angela on its way out and dragged her outside.

“I went outside to see the bear on top of her,” he said. “I dove to get the bear off of her, of course, and that’s when the bear started tearing the back of my head up.”

The bear eventually stopped its attack and walked away. Richard and Angela called 911 and were treated for bites and scratches at Harrisburg Hospital. A deep wound under Richard’s arm came within an inch of a main artery.

“If it had hit that, I wouldn’t be here to tell the story,” he said.

Wildlife conservation officers with the Pennsylvania Game Commission spent the morning looking for the bear, but were unable to find it. They set up a trap outside the Moyer’s home in the 2900 block of Newport Road in Oliver Township, and encouraged anyone who sees the bear to call them immediately.

“I am not opposed to animals by any means, and I hope no one take offense to this, but I hope they catch him,” Angela said.

Game Commission spokesman Jerry Feaser called the incident highly unusual. If the bear is captured, it will likely be relocated, but would be put down if it appears to have rabies. Feaser said the bear most likely is a mother with cubs in the area and saw the dog as a threat.

The couple is facing a month of rabies shots. Their dog, a pit bull-husky mix, was to spend Monday night in a kennel, but apparently was not injured.

Angela, later sitting in a living room with a blood-stained carpet, brushed off any suggestions she did anything heroic.

“The bear was on him. Our dog was in the mix with them. I was like ‘This is crazy.’ I just reacted,” she said. “There was nothing really going through my mind other than ‘Oh my God, we got to get this bear out of here.”

This isn’t the first time a bear has attacked in that immediate area.  In June 2010, a woman was attacked while she was walking her dog in the woods about a quarter-mile from this latest incident.  She suffered a bite wound on her upper thigh.


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