Live Tweeting on the GOP Debate Oct. 11, 2011

Just in case you missed the new Hampshire leg of the GOP Circus, here is the Rationalist’s Blog’s commentary as it happened in “twitter-time.”

* Mitt Romney said he “cares about people.” Mormons are taught that. That’s why they marry so many of them.

* I think Romney said he’d make a good leader because he has led on both sides of every issue.

* Gingrich says prostate cancer screenings can kill you. But 5 out of 5 doctors agree the survival rate is higher than having prostate cancer.

* Mitt Romney says he has spent is whole life in the economy, which is like saying he has spent his whole life in weather.

* We should lay off Romney. Just like he laid off 85,000 of us when he worked at Bain & Capital.

* Hermann Cain has said 999 plan more times than the number.

* The moderators are using Reagan’s words against the current GOP. Just like the GOP use their words against Jesus.

* The candidates blame Obama and China for the economy. It’s what you do when you love white people way too much.

* Romney says he understands the OWS protestors. Last week he said it was “un-American.” He’s slipperier than a fluffer’s lip balm.

* Santorum just said, “Freedom loving people.” That’s sexy time talk meant for old people who are scared of brown people.

* The moderator asked Rick Perry about “mandates.” Marcus Bachmann heads to the bathroom. Now he waits!

* Moderators talking to GOP candidates about children living in poverty is like talking to Hitler about a Jewish person suffering a head cold.

* When the moderators showed a clip of GW Bush, America was reminded Perry is GWB but with the HPV shot that gave that one kid “retardation”

* Bachmann made a 666 joke about Cain’s 999 plan. Then got scared the round table was a ouija board & whispered, “Sorry, baby Jesus”

Go ahead... I can hear your thoughts. Please share with the rest!

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