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Occupy Albuquerque | The March of the Banks Oct 12 2011

Yesterday, Occupy Burque took to the downtown streets and spread the word.  This video is not a march full of chants, nor any police action, but was done to spread the word and educate the public about the facts of what the banks are doing to this country… to each individual.  Some of the numbers provided are shocking.

I was across the street filming at one point and a lady approached me and asked what was going on.  I informed her this was a march of Occupy Albuquerque in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street…. she was completely unaware of this whole movement that started in New York City.  So after kindly informing her of the statistics and facts, and watching her listen to what the group was saying over the bullhorn, a very sad look came over her face and she responded, “I am going back in now to look this up on in the internet.”

I hope she does and helps spread the word… even from inside her home she can help.  Physical presence is not needed… search, read, learn, and pass it on.

Please help spread this video, and any other material you find.  We are not a bunch of “hippies” as some of the main stream media portray, or many people think.  I, for one, was a mortgage banker for over a decade.  There are many UNM students involved locally, and it wasn’t until I saw the statistics that it really hit me what these kids have in front of them.  When I started college in 1982, tuition at Purdue was just under $800 for a resident full time semester.  I was able to pay for my college education as I went.  I have no student loans.  Now, Purdue tuition is up to nearly $10,000 for resident, full time student… and this is one of the lesser increases over time that I have seen.  Many colleges, such as UNM, have increased their fees more dramatically.  Most of these students will graduate heavily in debt.  A horrible way to start a new life… six figures in debt simply to earn a higher education with the goal of being a more productive member of our society….

Go ahead... I can hear your thoughts. Please share with the rest!

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