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NYPD White Shirt KO’s an #ows protester… as he is walking away! Slow-mo video

We have all seen some very dramatic footage taken of officers not playing very nicely with the protesters… the pepper-spraying incident for one.  Here is another.  A protester (wearing a green t-shirt) has his back to the NYPD White Shirt and is walking away from him, when the officer grabs him from behind and flat out KO’s him.  Here are two different angles of the incident.  One is very apparent that the protester has his back to the officer and is walking away.  No, we do not see what “green shirt” did to provoke this, but regardless, the response of the officer is way out of line.  Green shirt was not being aggressive at that time.

Both videos will first play in real time, then the actual incident in slow motion.


In this video, you are able to clearly see the green-shirt protester walking away from the officer.


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