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Anonymous hacks police & Int’l Assoc of Chiefs of Police (still down) sites | Data online | #ows

Although they had a hand in starting the Occupy Wall Street protest, the hacktivist collective Anonymous has been pretty quiet since it started. No longer: Anonymous claims they just hacked a ton of police sites and leaked usernames and passwords.

The biggest target of today’s hack was the International Association of Chiefs of Police, whose website is still down as of this writing. It’s auspicious timing, as the IACP is holding its annual meeting in Chicago.

A press release by Anonymous said that the hack was timed to the IACP meeting as part of a “Day of Action Against Police Brutality.”

In solidarity with the Occupation Movement and the International Day of Action Against Police Brutality, allied #anonymous and #antisec vessels took aim at the corrupt bootboys of the 1%: the police. We hacked, defaced, and destroyed several law enforcement targets, leaking over 600MB of private information including internal documents, membership rosters, addresses, passwords, social security numbers, and other confidential data. According to the IACP’s development documents, their systems cost several hundred thousand dollars. We are pleased to destroy it all for free, leaking their private info and defacing their websites in one swift blow.

Another document appears to be about 1,000 user names and passwords belonging to the Boston Patrolmans’ Association.

It’s impossible to verify all of the hackers claims, but an audio recording posted today to YouTube appears to feature a hacker with a British accent calling the Baldwin County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office to admit to hacking their site. (Check out 5:25 in the video above.)

“Apparently someone has hacked into the website. We have shut down the website at this time,” an officer tells the caller.

“Yeah, that was me,” responds the caller. The Baldwin Sheriff’s Office website is up at this time. Anonymous’ press release said they were attacking Baldwin County because of civil rights abuses in the 60s in Birmingham. Anonymous sure can hold a grudge!

The last time Anonymous tried to hack for Occupy Wall Street, they took down the New York Stock Exchange’s website—for about one minute.

I do not necessarily agree with hacking tactics, but I will give them credit… they are damn good.

Here is the audio of the phone call.  The caller volume is very low.  I had to turn up my volume nearly all the way to hear him, and deal with the loudness on the police end of the call.  But it was worth it.  This has not yet been confirmed as legit.  Even if it isn’t, it’s still funny.


Some of the police passwords are a hoot!

cuttysark   (hmmmm… wonder what he does in his offtime… or perhaps his ontime…??
money26   (dude, your are in the wrong line of work)
jeffrey   (that’s his first name… and using it as a password????)
computer   (guess he has to remind himself what he is on)
impala77@  (okay, I’ll give him credit… nice car)
131313   (have a lot of bad luck?)
patcrave  (officers name is Patrick Creavin….)
ussessexlhd2  (not quite sure what to make of this, but “sex” is part of it)
needshelp   (yes, you do)
lexus1490   (paid well?  or under the table pay…)
4646769   (let me guess… your phone number???)
BostonBobby   (password is the same as his login)
richardosberg   (password is the same as his login, which is his first and last name)
SANTANA9    (Okay, nice choice of music)


Source:  Gawker


  1. Though I also don’t agree with hacking, for some reason, I find this absolutely hilarious. Maybe it’s the incredibly lame login’s. I’m used to login’s that are obscenely difficult due to being trained correctly.

    • I agree. Our sites at work have been hacked before. Not fun. But there really needs to be a Password 101 class for any internet user. An 8-year-old these days can hack into their account login’s with those passwords.

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