Occupy Albuquerque has been functioning a base camp, called Coyote Camp, on the UNM campus since October 1st.  Initially the camp set up on the corner of University and Central, but UNM granted a permit to move Coyote Camp to it’s current location at Yale Park on the corner of Central and Yale.

Today, however, Occupy Albuquerque, aka (un)Occupy Albuquerque, has been informed that UNM will deny their right of free speech and not renew the permit, which allowed local protesters to function from 7 AM to 10 PM.

In response to the University’s denial of the continuation of their permit, all protesters and supporters of the Occupy Albuquerque – Occupy Wall Street movement are encouraged to meet tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25th at 9 AM at Coyote Camp.  Upon assembly, the group will then proceed over to President Schmidly’s office located at Scholes Hall – which is just northwest of the Duck Pond – and maintain presence throughout the day.

All Occupy / (un)Occupy Albuquerque-ans are encourage to attend and join in with our local solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and protest against the University for denying our Right to Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly – which it most certainly has been since day one.


Pictures below are all taken at Coyote Camp.  A very peaceful arrangement.

11 thoughts on “Occupy Albuquerque permit renewel DENIED
  1. Is that meet at 9pm or 9am? Clarification may be required…

  2. Excellent photos–You Rock!!!

  3. It might be a good idea to use spell-check next time.

  4. God Bless all you and you protect you as you protest the injustices committed against taxpayers.

  5. You really have a visually beautiful blog. Everyone of our your pictures speak volumes.

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