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#occupyoakland November 2 | Black Bloc anarchy is NOT part of the Occupy Movement

Afterthought post-publishing:  As an after-thought after I have published this, I have stated somewhat incorrectly…. The OWS Movement welcomes all groups and people alike.  The Black Bloc is a part of OWS, just as any group.  However, the actions of the Black Bloc during the strike in Oakland does not represent what the OWS movement is about.

The 99 percent were out in force on Wednesday, November 2nd, in Oakland CA.  As many as 10,000 marchers protested income inequality and the big banks that crashed the global economy (and today are more profitable than ever). Schools and businesses closed in sympathy and solidarity, and the march even shut down the Port of Oakland, one of the busiest on the West Coast.

And it was nearly entirely peaceful and respectful.  But not completely.  The radical 1 percent of the 99 percent, a group of self-styled “anarchists” referred to as Black Bloc (after their tactics), managed to stir up some trouble, and caused the day to go out with fire and arrests, rather than the peaceful conclusion we had all hoped for.

It’s a problem on both sides, everywhere.  Ninety-nine police officers can be respectful and do their job without being abusive, but all it takes is one to pepper-spray peaceful protesters or lob a flash-bang grenade at people who are helping an injured man.  Ninety-nine demonstrators can chant “We’re on your side” and “We are peaceful”, but if one idiot goes screaming “Fascist pigs” in the face of the police, or throwing bottles, then it screws everything up.

That’s why, when the black bloc radicals went to vandalize, OWSers tried to hold them back, and in at least one case fought with them.  That’s why OWSers were out the following day, helping clean up.

Personally, I was undecided on showing this dark side of the strike, but decided I did not want to follow in the footsteps of the Main Stream Media who only show you what they want you to see and know.  This vandalism is nothing to be proud of, but it does need to be understood that this is NOT part of what the Occupy Movement is about.  The question has been raised that there were also under covers appearing and leading in starting the damage in order to hopefully gain more people in joining in.  If so, this wouldn’t surprise me.

Here are a few videos from this day.  The first one compares what Occupy IS, and what it is NOT.  The second video purely focuses on the Black Bloc, but needs to be shown for fair reporting.  Again, the Black Bloc is NOT what the movement is about.



Source:  Red Green and Blue


  1. Good for you! I have always believed in fair and balanced reporting, and you have followed through here. This is the way to do it properly; report everything accurately, whether we like it or not. Kudos!

      • That it is, but without understanding “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” in context with each other, I believe it is difficult to understand anything happening within the world around us fully and completely.

        This is why I’m so dismayed by the corporate “mass media”. We used to see this balanced reporting from them, but now the corporate media assists with keeping the masses ignorant. It is up to the rest of us independent bloggers, writers, etc to do the job.

        I’m proud to see so many, including you, doing it so well.

      • Very busy week and not feeling well; many appointments for claim, working to understand if recent legislation enactment will force me back into homelessness and sorting out options. I also overcame major anxiety and did speak with a class at UNM regarding the OWS movement and how it is related to the American Dream yesterday. Afterwards, I was asked if I would be willing to speak to other classes in the department. I said yes and may speak to more classes.

        I used to teach as an adjunct faculty member and absolutely loved it so once I arrived and my initial terror subsided, I fell right into my regular flow. I was a wonderful exchange of information and knowledge.

        I’ve been extremely tired lately, though, but I do hope to begin writing more. One of the things that has kind of turned me off are some of the controversies within the local movement, so I’ve distanced myself a bit, but as time permits, I should be able to assist with information flow again.

        • Good, I am so glad for you. I saw you posted on the teach in. Makes me very happy you got out and overcame your anxiety. Hang in there, girl… You’re doing great! Teaching is a wonderful thing! I kind of ebb and flow on the local stuff, too. I go, then regress for a bit, then return again.

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