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Blog Talk Radio interview with Peter Hebert about the Black Friday Wal*Mart boycott

Just interviewed with internet radio talk show host, Peter Hebert, about the Wal*Mart boycott.  This show will be available to listen to today, November 8th, at 2:30 EST.  It will be available anytime to listen to as well.

Here are the details on the interview, and the link to the show.

“This half hour segment of On the Money with Peter Hebert is titled “The Black Friday Wal*Mart Boycott.” Special guest and boycott organizer Michelle Mundy explains the reasons for the national boycott. The Wal-Mart business model is based on the worst elements of globalism. It’s a store front for China and thrives on exploitative capitalism on its labor force in every part of the supply chain. We’ve all seen the abhorrent video clips on You Tube of Americans behaving worse than stupid animals as they rush into a Wal-Mart on a Black Friday and then stampede other customers and employees … to death.”

You may listen to the full 30 minute segment here:

Or you may go to Peter Hebert’s site here:

For more details about the boycott, please see my posting:  The Black Friday Wal-Mart Boycott | #boycottwalmart

Facebook event link:   The Black Friday Walmart Boycott


  1. Thanks for the information concerning the boycott and all the other information you supply. I especially like reading about the Occupy Movement. Great Blog, with insightful comments and spectacular photos.

  2. I used Wal*Mart as the example in my talk with the class at UNM last week. I’ve been boycotting them for years. Great discussion!

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