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Scandal rocks Penn State | President Spanier removed and Coach Paterno sacked today

•  Joe Paterno, one of the biggest names in college football, will never coach another game
•  Penn State president Graham Spanier also forced out by Board of Trustees
•  Allegations of a cover-up as two school administrators charged with failing to report their findings about the sexual assaults
•  One boy said he was assaulted at least 20 times at Jerry Sandusky’s home and the boy’s high school in 2005 or 2006
•  Pennsylvania’s top police officer says Paterno should have done more to stop his one-time heir-apparent
•  Penn State students rally to support beloved coach Paterno

(Above: Former leaders: Jerry Sandusky (left) was the defensive line coach under head coach Joe Paterno (right) before Sandusky retired in 1999)

Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno has tonight been sacked by the school’s Board of Trustees, who also forced the resignation of president Graham Spanier after the sex abuse scandal which has rocked the establishment.

Paterno had said today he would retire at the end of the 2011 season but the Trustees stepped in tell the legendary coach he will never take charge of another game, following allegations a former assistant coach sexually abused boys and school officials covered it up.

Assistant coach Tom Bradley has been named interim football coach while Penn State Provost, Rodney Erickson will become interim President.

The Trustees took the decision unanimously after a three-hour closed-doors meeting, adding: ‘It was in the trustees’ view that this was in the best long-term interest.’

Mr Paterno (photo, left), one of the biggest names in American sports, had said in a statement today that the situation was a tragedy and ‘one of the great sorrows of my life’.

The case of Jerry Sandusky, a former defensive coordinator accused of years of abuse of boys that allegedly was covered up by school officials, has shaken the university and its football program.

The coach, in his 46th year as head coach of the Nittany Lions and winner of two national championships, has been criticised for not doing more to intervene when incidents of Sandusky’s abuse came to light in 2002.

Two former university officials – athletic director Tim Curley and finance official Gary Schultz – were charged on Monday with failing to alert police after they were told that Sandusky had been seen sodomising a young boy in the football locker room shower in 2002.

They have also been charged with perjury in their statements to a grand jury.

They have stepped down from their positions at the university following an emergency meeting of the university’s Board of Trustees.

Lawyers for all three men have said their clients deny the charges and maintain their innocence.

Many students have rallied around the 84-year-old coach, who with his thick, black-rimmed glasses and blue windbreaker has been the face of Penn State football for generations.

Last night, several thousand gathered in front of Mr Paterno’s home before racing through downtown streets, often chanting football slogans, to the white-columned administration building to support their coach and defend the university.

Mr Paterno’s resignation comes as anticipation builds for Saturday, when Penn State is due to take an 8-1 record into its final home game of the season against the University of Nebraska.

Under his leadership, Penn State has won 409 games, a record for a coach in major college football. He set the record for wins when the Nittany Lions beat Illinois on October 29, just days before Sandusky was charged on November 5.

The ugly sex abuse scandal has cast a pall over the sprawling campus of about 45,000 students at the State College, in central Pennsylvania, which is the flagship of about two-dozen Penn State campuses across the state.

The grand jury report detailed alleged sexual assaults of eight boys by Sandusky over 15 years – during his time as a Penn State coach and after his retirement in 1999.

Since then a ninth potential victim, a man now in his 20s, has come forward, and Pennsylvania police have set up a tip line for others to call. The number of accusers in the case has more than doubled.

Sources told Fox 29 News that as many as 17 people have said they were victimized by Sandusky, up from the eight victims listed in a grand jury indictment Monday.

Sandusky (photo, left), 67, allegedly recruited his underage victims from ‘The Second Mile,’ a charity he founded to help underprivileged children, and subjected them to a pattern of escalating abuse.

The charity moved quickly this week to disassociate itself from Sandusky, who this week was also ordered not to spend time with his grandchildren without supervision.

Sandusky, 67, was arrested on Saturday and released on $100,000 bail after being arraigned on 40 criminal counts.

The allegations against Sandusky, who started The Second Mile in 1977, range from sexual advances to touching to oral and anal sex.

The young men testified before a state grand jury that they were in their early teens when some of the abuse occurred; there is evidence even younger children may have been victimised.

Sandusky is charged with multiple counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of a child, indecent assault and unlawful contact with a minor, as well as single counts of aggravated indecent assault and attempted indecent assault.

A grand jury report, which recommended charges, said the first to come to light was a boy who met Sandusky when he was 11 or 12. The boy received expensive gifts and trips to sports events from Sandusky, and physical contact began during his overnight stays at Sandusky’s home, jurors said.

Sandusky was banned from the child’s school district in Clinton County in 2009, after his mother reported alleged sexual assault to his high school. That triggered the state investigation that culminated in charges Saturday.

Ms Kelly said that seven years before that, in 2002, a graduate assistant saw Sandusky sexually assault a naked boy, estimated to be about ten years old, in the locker room of the Lasch Football Building on campus.

To read the full indictment on Sandusky, please click here.

(Above: Former Penn State football coach Gerald ‘Jerry’ Sandusky is taken away in a police car after he is charged with sexually abusing eight young boys)

Source: Daily Mail


  1. The damaged done to those children whose ages run from EIGHT YEARS OLD to THIRTEEN is incalcuable. They lost their innocence and TRUST and it was replaced with guilt, fear and low self esteem and they will suffer lasting and on going ramification for a violent act perpetrated against them that they were helpless to stop. Paterno who KNEW what had happened on atleast ONE ocassion and on possibly others is disgusting and unforgivable. And his loss is He, in his action simply allowed a PEDOPHILE to continue in his postion for the sole purpose of winning championships. He traded his reputation and any respect he had or believed he deserved, for the evil of a predator who preyed on the innocence and the souls of CHILDREN. Paterno and the other individuals at the university are no BETTER than Sandusky because in their silence they became participants in the harm this Pedophile inflicted on his victims. Let’s make no mistake these children were ASSAULTED- RAPED. Sandusky preyed upon the most vulnerable in our society, our children, he preyed upon the most needy and because of this need of theirs potentially the most vulnerable, underpriviledge children. He scarred them irrepairably and Paterno and the University in their silence said that those children were throw aways and did not matter.

    Where is the outrage for the children. Paterno resignation was self serving he speech was a woe is me speech. He is not honorable, he is not worthy of respect. A man’s worth is based on the manner that he treats other, how he travels through life in lifes journey. How he faces the difficult decisions, not how many games he has won. If Jeffrey Dahmer was the winningest coach would thestudents still support him as well. And the murder of a child spirit is what Paterno allowed Sandusky to do.

    Those students who are crying out their support of Paterno should reassess who they are supporting because this is not the man they believed they knew. This man that called himself Paterno wore a mask, h walked with them, patted them on the back, smiled at them, ate dinner with them all the while knowing that a CHILD was in a bathroom being sodomized by a man he still ate dinner with. The man they think they knew ceased to exist 15-19 years ago when he decided that WINNING and HIS REPUTATION and that of the UNIVERSITIES was more valuable than the trust and innocence of a child.

    The Legacy of Joe Paterno by V. Lyn

    • I was completely floored when I heard this on the news a few hours ago. It was the first I had heard anything about this. I went to Purdue, another Big 10 school, and remember when Penn State joined the conference (pissed me off). College sports has changed so much since I went to school. They have very nearly become incorporated, and the sponsorship sickens me. It is now all about the money brought in. I’m confident Paterno’s (and all others who knew) decision to remain quiet was purely for selfish financial reasons and gain. In essence, everyone who knew condoned these horrific acts and are just as guilty. How could they ever lay their head down and sleep at night??? Or look themselves in the mirror??? The victims will never be the same. And to use the underprivileged children’s charity… OMG.. This is so sickening. This will always haunt them. Of course, in our system, one is innocent until proven guilty (cough… ahem)… But for the school board to do this the weekend before they play Nebraska with an 8-1 record… there is some very damning proof to these alleged crimes. I hope when Sandusky is convicted and goes to prison, they put him in General Population so the other inmates can do to him what he did to those innocent children all those years. But the prison won’t… pedophile’s are kept separate for that very reason…. Too bad. I am typically very opposed to any violent act of any kind, but when it comes to pedophiles, I make an exception.

      • I agree with you 100% about both the coaches and the universities motivation as well as my wish would be that Sandusky was inflicted with the same debasement that those children had to endure.

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