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11.11.11 The world is coming to an end…. Again….

I have such a love/hate relationship with these false prophets.  I am completely entertained by their stories of the upcoming Armageddeons. I especially find how they derive the dates to be completely and utterly ridiculous.  Christmas came early for me this year as I truly had a field day with May 21st, Reverend Camping’s Judgment Day.  On the flip side, though, I abhor how these prophets brainwash their followers into donating all their money; quitting their job in order to spread the word about the world ending; then only to come to realize when the world does not end, they have no money, no income, no roof over their head, yet still have a family to care for.  Did Camping make good on his followers who gave everything they have to him?  No.  Left out in the cold to dry.  Even worse than Camping, however, are the prophets who somehow manage to coerce their followers into mass suicides.  I do not find any humor with these doomsayers at all.

I am telling you all this because another prophet is predicting the end of the world… again.  I don’t know about you, but I am rather tired of the world ending all the time.  Just when I begin thinking I will be able to sleep in, my alarm goes off to notify me it’s time to get up and go to work.

Damn… I always look forward to some peace and quiet.

The world is set to end and this time and “it’s for real,” swears Peter Anamoh (photo, left), a self described “prophet to the nations” and founder of the Makara Church in Ghana.

Peter states, “The message that I came out with, was about a global catastrophic disaster which God revealed to me on the basis of my working in total obedience to Him, for the past 12 years as His prophet to the nations. The message which must be taken seriously by all people all over the earth, is that, a very great and devastating catastrophe the likes of which has never taken place, will strike the world in November 2011. The good Lord also, gave me the sole obligation and mandate, to send the warning signal across the world, for everybody to hear and prepare”.

Anamoh didn’t specify an exact time, however’s extensive team of soothsayers, divinists, bible interpreters and previous Rapture survivors have narrowed down the time to either 11:11 am or 11:11 pm.

The destruction shall commence from the sea in Ghana and would spread to the rest of the world. Anamoh’s congregation have since packed up and made their way towards the ‘safe village.’

So prepare for the end again. By this point any human alive since 1988 has successfully survived at least 10 rapture predictions, with three this year alone. As a result, humans worldwide should now be professionals at rapture survival. If not, may god have mercy on your soul.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Peter launched a fund raising campaign to bring in money to enable him to get the message across the 10 Regions of Ghana, through conferences and the rest of the world, via the media for people to hear and get prepared?  I cannot leave this all too important fact out.  Peter MUST carry the message….

Anamoh says, “I designed the fund raising campaign to range from categories like diamond, gold, silver, bronze, iron to clay. Whilst those in the diamond category were to pay GHc 500 (the highest amount), those in the clay category, were also to pay Ghc 30 (the lowest amount) and as I said, the intention was to raise some money to spread the message of the impending catastrophic disaster, which will be striking the world in November, 2011. It is therefore not true that, I was collecting that money as gate fee to heaven, as the article portrayed.”

I am sure it wasn’t intended as a “gate fee.”  Most likely the money is intended to buy him a mansion, an expensive car, jewelry, a private jet… something along those lines so that he may be most comfortable and travel quickly when spreading the word.

I will see you all on November 12th, and in 2012, and in 2013, and so on and so on…..

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