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State orders Occupy Indy protestors 24 hours to get out

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – State officials gave Occupy Indy protesters 24 hours to clear their tents, sleeping bags and other camping accessories from the Statehouse lawn and warned there could be arrests Thursday should anybody resist the efforts to remove the items.

The Department of Administration ordered the handful of remaining protesters to clear out in a letter delivered Wednesday afternoon.

The state ordered the protesters to clear out “all personal property, including tents, sleeping bags, and tarps.” Anything left will be removed Thursday and taken to a Department of Sanitation parking garage.

Protester Adam Horter, 21, of Westfield, said his first feeling was “fury” after a state worker delivered the orders to protesters. ACLU Indiana Legal Director Ken Falk, who has provided advice to the protesters, said he was still reviewing the letter.

Department of Administration Commissioner Rob Wynkoop said he conferred with state police over the last week and had become concerned about the safety of the protesters and anyone visiting the Statehouse.

He emphasized protesters would be able to stay as long as they want, just without some of the camping equipment and other supplies they have assembled over the last few weeks.

“They are welcome to be there, it is their right to peaceably assemble,” he said Wednesday.

Protesters said the order was not about their safety but about stifling their demonstration.

“They’re coming up with everything they possibly can,” Greg Lambert, 52, of Indianapolis, said of the administration.

The state says protesters will be allowed to continue their demonstration around-the-clock — just without the camping chairs, food and other camping accessories the small group has collected over the last five weeks.

Police in New York and Oakland cleared out large encampments of protesters this week. But Indiana’s occupy protesters and police have been much more subdued since the Indianapolis demonstration started last month.


  1. What the various State Officials are doing is a more civil way of squelching protest than what Mubarek and Qaddafi did but it is with the same purpose, quieting the peoples voice. It is just one of the tactic of suppression used by the military and local law enforcement to undermine civil disobedience and unrest. State officials believe that if they can make it difficult for people to protest, than the protestors will just go away. The state is using a variety of excuse to justify their un-democratic action, one of which is that people are being inconvenienced and are complaining about the protestors occupation of parks etc. But that is the purpose of civil disobedience, of protest to make it inconvenient, to make people take notice and therefoe thjink, talk and hopefully act.

  2. What is being done to Occupiers all over the country is illegal, pure and simple. This is no different than actions which occurred during the Civil Rights movement of the ’60’s. Peaceful protests being ordered to leave cities, towns, and states; cops terrorizing peaceful protesters with dogs, beating them with batons, spraying them with hoses.

    And yet, the Civil Rights marches continued. The protesters never gave up. Changes were made in our constitution because of them.

    There has been such growth and momentum each time states have attempted to quiet an Occupy movement, and though there may be a slight decline since winter is coming, protests will continue (winter or not) and everyone should watch out for the American Spring.

  3. Here’s hoping that the movement contnues and American citizens everywhere join in and make our voices, concerns and votes heard.

    • I feel it will continue, although there may be a drop in numbers functioning under the “occupy” name. However, the awareness of the corruption is now growing and people all over now waking up and starting to fight the system. It doesn’t matter whether people fight back under the name of “occupy” or not… just so we all fight the system. Sadly, I woke up to find out that one my favorite YouTube channels, MoxNews, has now been censored and shut down by YouTube. This channel has been functioning for years and has over 10,000 videos on it of news feeds, stories, and pure and simple facts. Now, our internet is now entering the stage of censorship. I will be changing my hosting account to unlimited and will begin uploading to my own account which cannot be censored and shut down. And, so long as I am not making a profit – which I do not on this blog (and this is where I will upload to) – I am protected by the Fair Acts clause – even though YouTube won’t honor it.

      • WOW.. . They are quieting our voice economically, politically and in various medias. People need to really start looking at how things are interconnected to control the flow of ideas, movement (the Patriot Act is the biggest government censorship program in America), and economic independence. Censorship on the internet is a slippery slope.
        By the way what do you mean when you say you will change your hosting account to unlimited?

        • Right now, I’m limited to x-amount of memory space (I can’t remember how much from the top of my head). So all I have to do is upgrade my memory. On this blog, I’m on, so I’m on their server. But my other 3 motley sites are my own host account, and when I run out of the memory I’ve purchased, I will then pay the upgrade to “unlimited.” which means, I can upload as much as I want. But the size of the upload is restricted – so I will have to compress videos. Unless there is a way to buy out that limitation. Honestly, the cost is not near as much as it used to be, and is well worth it to me. There are other much more costly “hobbies” in this world. The internet, my blogs, photos, graphics, and videos are all my hobby – with a purpose and goal in mind.

        • Well your post and photos are terrific and I look forward to reading them…so keep your hobby going and get that additional memory 🙂

        • Thank you for your kind words. However, I will disagree with you on my writing…. Writing and words are not my strong point. I am a very visually-minded person, and I have a lot of difficult articulating my thoughts. I can easily see everything in my head, but to put it in writing, well… I just cannot find the proper words. I just found out on Oct 31st that I have MS, so this helps explain why words are have been becoming more and more difficult for me these past several months. But my visualization seems to be untouched. If anything, I feel my photography and video work has improved here recently. Also, 3D space is so very easy for me. Same thing with maps. I only have to look at a map for about 5 minutes, and I pretty much have the necessities all memorized. Have never owned nor used a GPS… and I used to be a back country guide for the Sierra Club!

          On the flip side, though… I LOVE your writing and posts! Your words are so visual to me and I can create the whole scene in my head… very beautiful work!

        • Hopefully you face a less severe form of MS and I wish you well in your battle/journey with the disease. As for your writing you write very very well, as for mine well I may write in a manner that is visual but I sure need to use bth my spell check and grammer check in my impassioned haste to convey my thoughts .
          As for your photography and the composition ofthe selected photos you use to express emotion an your concepts are remarkable, as good as any I’ve seen in any magazine.

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