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Video of brutal beating and head kicking by Albuquerque cops on a car theft suspect

Two Albuquerque police officers were fired on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011, after a brutal beating and head kicking incident of a car theft suspect back in February this year. Officers John Doyle and Robert Woolever had both been with the department for about four years.

This parking garage surveillance video shows Doyle kicking Nicholas Blume, accused of car theft, in the head multiple times.

The video showed Woolever hitting Blume with his knee, and then Doyle ran up, stomping on the man and kicking him in the head repeatedly. After a few seconds, the pair held Blume down and handcuffed him before walking away.  Although not shown in this video, the two officers do a celebratory “chest bump” following the beating.


The video’s release came amid calls for a Justice Department probe of the Albuquerque Police Department, which has faced criticism for 20 officer-involved shootings and other questionable behavior among officers.

Mayor Richard Berry said he hasn’t seen the whole video, but noted that it’s something that’s not being ignored.
“As a mayor, I expect some answers,” Berry said. “I’ve had conversations with Chief Schultz. He’s looking at the matter. This is a very serious issue.”

Albuquerque police said Blume, who has a long criminal history, had just stolen a car and the two officers thought he was reaching for a gun in his waistband.

Personally, I believe the officers are just stating they saw the suspect reaching for a gun in order to protect their asses for this horrible beating.

Charges may be brought against these two officers… wouldn’t that be fitting?


  1. What most Police Officers, and other officials seem to forget is all those cameras set up for Big Brother to watch us, are also watching them.


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