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Occupy Movement funnies, photos, and facts #ows

More visual aid coverage of the Occupy Movement with a wide range covering political cartoons, posters, flyers, humor, quotes, statistics and facts, to photos – and yes, there are some more photos of our infamous Lt. John Pike pepper spraying various people.

Click on a thumbnail to bring up the image in full size and resolution in the shadowbox.
You may then toggle through each picture at your own pace.


  1. Have you seen the Megyn Kelly Essentially meme that’s going around? Not quite as famous as pepper spray cop, but it still made me laugh.

    • I have just seen a video of the news cast about here stating, “it’s a food product, essentially.” And how she didn’t think the police acted inappropriately. (what drugs is she on?) Is there something else I missed? There is so much out here, hard to keep up. Post a link if like. Thanks!

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