More visual aid coverage of the Occupy Movement with a wide range covering political cartoons, posters, flyers, humor, quotes, statistics and facts, to photos – and yes, there are some more photos of our infamous Lt. John Pike pepper spraying various people.

Click on a thumbnail to bring up the image in full size and resolution in the shadowbox.
You may then toggle through each picture at your own pace.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Movement funnies, photos, and facts #ows
  1. Have you seen the Megyn Kelly Essentially meme that’s going around? Not quite as famous as pepper spray cop, but it still made me laugh.

    • I have just seen a video of the news cast about here stating, “it’s a food product, essentially.” And how she didn’t think the police acted inappropriately. (what drugs is she on?) Is there something else I missed? There is so much out here, hard to keep up. Post a link if like. Thanks!

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