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Photos taken in RAW format with my Canon Rebel T2i

Just under two months ago, I purchased my first “real” camera… a Canon Rebel T2i. Oh, how I love this camera! I have always been passionate about photography and finally decided to make the move and invest in something more than a “point and shoot” auto-focus pocket-style camera. I am so glad I did… no regrets here. When looking back at my childhood, I have to laugh… whenever my mother would take the camera film in to be developed, I would always get in trouble. You see, when she picked up the photos, the entire roll would typically be pictures of our dogs and cats – which were my favorite subjects when I would sneak the camera out of the cupboard.

In the past two months, I have taken thousands upon thousands of pictures (thank goodness for digital… I would be broke now if I had to have these developed.) But I have been taking them in jpg format since raw is unknown to me. After reading up a bit more, I finally decided it was time to see what raw is all about. There is a setting on this camera which will take both a raw photo and a jpg photo of the same shot. So since I was unsure how my raw stills would come out, I opted for this setting.

And I have discovered… I love the raw format! Now I wish I had taken all my previous pictures in raw. I always drop every picture in Photoshop, so having to convert from raw to jpg is not an extra step for me.

Here are a few photos I took with a comparison of the raw photo versus the jpg-taken format. The raw’s are touched up and the jpg’s are original and untouched. For more of my photography (which does include several sets of Occupy Albuquerque photos), please visit my photo site: Motley Photos.

Also, if they call video blogs “vlogs” and “vlogging”… would that mean that a photo blog is a “phlog” or “phlogging”???

For best viewing….
Click on a thumbnail to bring up the photo in FULL SIZE in the shadowbox viewer.
You may then toggle through at your own pace.


  1. That’s fantastic! I love how you love it. I too bought a nikon 5100. Tired of the boring point-shoot. Ever since that day, I took tons of pictures that are “artistic” and “sophisticated”.. Or at least I think.
    Looking forward to your stories and photos!

    Cyber friend,
    Photologger, blogger, and vlogger.

  2. I have been shooting RAW for 2 years and was using the raw/jpeg setting. I just learned that keeping the jpeg setting compresses the photo even though I am shooting raw. I have switched to just RAW and am thrilled with the editing features (Elements 10). Now I have a problem with developing. I do not do my own because it is not cost effective for me. I have used Walmart/Walgreens but they only accept jpeg. I do not know what to do now. When I make a duplicate it does not give me the jpeg option to save a copy in. If I can’t figure this out I am afraid I will have to go back to RAW/jpeg. Does anyone out there have a answer for me?

    • I am happy to help, but I am not quite understanding your question. You mention “developing” which indicates film camera and not digital. I am guessing that you mean “printing” at Walgreens rather than developing. I have not used Elements but there should be an option to do either a “save as” or an “export” from your raw format into jpeg. Hey, I just thought of something… I installed Photoshop Elements on my roommate’s computer as a free copy came with my stylus/drawing tablet. Since I have the full Adobe Production Suite with the full Photoshop on my computer, I didn’t need Elements so thought I’d put it on hers so she’d have an editing software on there. LOL.. but bless her heart – she’s approaching 60 and has just never really caught on to newer software, and knows just enough about computers to search the internet, email, and send/receive photos and files. So… let me take some of my raw images and drop them in Elements and see what the process is to edit a raw file and save as a jpeg.

      Oh, and all stores that print digital photos will not print raw files. That’s because the raw file extension is unique to the camera manufacturer. And the purpose of shooting in raw is to have the ability to better edit the image than one can do with a jpeg – so to shoot in raw and print without doing any editing is defeating the entire purpose of shooting in raw format. Anyway… let me hop on her computer with some of my raw files and I’ll get back with you on how to format a raw into a jpeg. Cool? Back shortly with your answer.

      • Thank you. and yes I meant print. AI can change it to DNG but that doesn’t go out either. I have no problems sending to FB. I understand the raw part – it is always there as is – but if I can’t print….

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