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If you don’t think that the US main stream media controls what we perceive and read… check this out

This photo is directly from the Time Magazine Europe website.  Check it out yourself.  Here are four covers of Time:  US, Europe, Asia, and South Pacific.  This says it all right here.  If you have poo-poo’ed the fact that we are controlled by our main stream media, perhaps this will make you start questioning this.  Wake up, America!

Here in our own country, the Occupy Movement, along with many other organizations and independent news sites (such as Democracy Now!) and bloggers have started bringing many out of their slumber… I just recently started waking up myself about six months ago.  With our failing economy, so many unemployed, over taxed, horrid health care benefits, and the middle class disappearing just to name a few, the overall anxiety is rising.  Here, according to Time, they are saying, “Hey, it’s all good!  The anxiety your are feeling from all your problems is actually good for you!”  While in the rest of the world, Time is telling it like it is.


  1. I think most people think of ‘control’ as censorship–the active disallowing of publication of controversial topics. But it is about controlling the narrative. The media just conveniently fails to report on things that might upset the populace. These Time covers are an excellent case in point. The U.S. cover is soothing,”Really, anxiety is really good for you. It’s okay. Don’t worry about being worried… shh. Rest now.”. And that’s what our media wants.

    Here in Dallas, the Dallas Morning New has been running a serial feature that is glowingly positive about Rick Perry. He’s apparently a cross between George Washington and the Marlboro man and has a pioneer spirit borne of his spartan upbringing in the Texas outback. Don’t you worry about the fact that he is one of the most blatantly corrupt politicians to ever come out of Texas. Don’t you worry about the fact that he barely graduated from Texas A&M and has never had a real job. The narrative is controlled and managed.

    If you don’t go out of your way to find non-mainstream news sources you won’t get the news in the country. Our national newspapers like the Washington Post and the NY Times read like Pravda these days. CNN. Nope! Fox doesn’t even need to be mentioned. They don’t report news there they manufacture it….

    Pretty grim picture.

  2. I think there is a misunderstanding. The cover is about the revolution in Egypt, not the Occupy Movement. So what the article says would make sense if it was about Occupy Movement, and I’m sure it’s happening in all kinds of media. However in this case I’m pretty sure it’s just because the US have less interest in what’s going on there. I’m from Europe but live in America, and I check the french newspaper websites regularly and everyday for a few months now, there are article about the arab spring.

    • Hi, Sandrine. I think you have misunderstood the article. It does not state anywhere that the non-US covers are about the Occupy Movement. The only reference to Occupy is that the movement, in addition to many other sources, are beginning to wake many people up to the state of our country – and one of them is how our US media controls what we are to read. If not, then the US cover would be reflecting the Egyptian Revolution as well… not telling us, “Don’t worry folks, anxiety is okay….” Also, many of us here in the US started watching these revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya… and then really started looking at the state of our own country. Those in power, within the government, corporations and banking alike (especially the Fed Reserve) are not happy that the citizens here are starting to realize what has been going on. They don’t want us to know. That’s who they became so powerful by keeping us in the dark as to the harsh realities of our true economics.

      • Oh I see what you mean. That makes sense then and I agree with you. It is true the article doens’t state the covers are about the Occupy movement, but I guess if you don’t really pay attention to the cover (or if you don’t take a look at the time website where those covers are), you may think this time issue is about the Occupy movement and in that case that would have been even more crazy. But yeah I agree that this reveals a lot about media and government control. It happens everywhere and annoys me to see people drinking what they are given by media.

  3. I agree with many comments here, but possibly this image is not as shocking as it first appears.
    It looks like the following two stories are covered in all the mags shown:
    – “Egypt: Revolution reignited”
    – “Relax, Anxiety is good for you”
    So, it looks like the main difference is the pic they used for the cover.
    I guess you would have to read all the articles inside to be absolutely sure they have the same info.
    That said, I am still glad we have the internet so we can do our own research and check facts for ourselves.
    Closeup of covers can be seen here:

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