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Okay, one last post of pepper spray cop Lt John Pike meme art

Lt John Pike pepper spraying cop and Alfred Eisenstaedt's photo of Sophia Loren cover of LIFE Magazine

I know… this is starting to get a bit old.  But, honestly… I have had a lot of fun with this as have so many others.  So one last posting (unless something really, REALLY good comes up.)

The first 16 photos are my little creations.  Then starting with John Pike holding his version of a “I am one of the 99%” letter is the beginning of other well-made creations of work.  Sorry, but all creators names are unknown, otherwise they would receive credit.

Below the photos are a few videos worth watching.

…BREAKING NEWS…   Recently discovered photo reveals what really happened to the Hindenberg….

Breaking News: Recently discovered photo exposes who really took down the Hindenberg

Lego Lt John Pike pepper spray cop

Click on a thumbnail to bring up the image in full size and resolution in the shadowbox.
You may then toggle through each picture at your own pace.



  1. Old? Well, for some, but this is the best meme I’ve seen in a very long time, and the video with Hitler has been used for some really funny stuff, but seriously, this is the best yet. So snagged! 🙂

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