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#occupyoakland Scott Olsen, Iraq vet, spoke on camera Sunday

Scott Olsen, the 24-year-old Iraq war veteran whose skull was fractured during an Occupy Oakland protest Oct. 25, returned Sunday to Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall, where he spoke on camera to Dave Morse, a reporter for He seemed to be in good spirits and said he expected a “full recovery,”  but wore a neck brace and admitted he was still having difficulty speaking.

Authorities are investigating what happened to Olsen, a Marine Corps veteran from Daly City who fell hard to the pavement in downtown Oakland. He was rushed to the hospital by fellow protesters as people around him clashed with officers who fired projectiles and deployed tear gas.

In his interview Sunday, Olsen said he did not know what had injured him, but said he had been “attacked” while demonstrating against the removal of Occupy Oakland’s encampment that morning.

“I had my phone out,” Olsen said. “I was texting something to a friend of mine, and the next thing I know I’m down on the ground and there are people above me trying to help me. And they ended up carrying me away.”

Olsen added, “They asked me my name several times, and I couldn’t answer them. I don’t know if I couldn’t recall the answer or I couldn’t spit it out. That’s when I knew that yeah, it was time to go and let them take care of me.”

UPDATE:  Friday, Dec. 2nd.

Apparently, IndyBay – the website that did the interview and footage of Scott – decided they did not like anyone else helping circulate the news and this interview….  Even though they put a download link on their own site specifically for that purpose.  Therefore, the YouTube channel that used the download link provided by IndyBay to upload the video was informed by YouTube that IndyBay did not want anyone else to show their footage.  Therefore, the video I had embedded here was removed.

Since I do not trust the integrity of IndyBay, I will not post their video/footage at all.  I have more integrity in under my little toenail than this site does – if I openly give permission for anyone to download my footage and spread the word, I most certainly will not go back on this.  Therefore, here is another interview with Scott Olsen from his interview on the Rachel Maddox show on MSNBC:


Here he is on the Ed Show on MSNBC:

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