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Hi Res panorama virtual tour of Bolotnaya Square Moscow protest

Here is a link which will show you a 360 degree high resolution panoramic virtual aerial tour of the massive protest in Moscow which was against Putin and vote-rigging.  The protest was held on Saturday, December 17th in Bolotnaya Square.

Depending on your internet speed, it may take a few seconds to load and start rotating.  But it is worth it… it is really cool….

Click here:  Panoramic Tour


Source: Airpano


  1. I just experienced the tour and it is phenomenal, breathtaking, awe inspiring and up lifting. I have believed that people, for the most part are complacent, sheep, and drones to the larger issues because it is more convenient and less threatening to do so…And every once and a while the issues become to large and to important and intrusive in our lives to ignore them. We act when the issues impact our lives so much so that we can no longer live with the consequences of our inaction. These recent protest around the world are one of these moments. The global societies are on a precipice on how we are governed, how we live our lives and our character will always be determined by such moments, defined by the side we are on, and by which side we come out. This mass movement in Russia as the one in Egypt, Syria, Libya and at home to name just a few proves our connection to one another. And maybe we will not always be sheep.

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