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Spam… It’s just not for breakfast anymore

Spam.  Hate it, so annoying.  Thank Horus for Akismet!  But every once in a while, one sneaks through and waits for my moderation.  This morning, one did make it past Akismet and was waiting in my inbox, and this one made me chuckle….

From Data Transformation, “hehe loved the comments on Data Transformation and what an intelligent post. awesome site”

Nice… very nice.  Starting out with the “hehe” really was good idea as that very well would be a typical start to a comment from a real person who is legitimately commenting.  But the “data transformation” reference stopped me as I’ve never posted on that.  Then noticed the IP and other details.  Definite spam.  What made me laugh, though, was where the comment was posted to….

…The image page of the transparent .png file of Lt John Pike that I uploaded for anyone to download and use to create their own meme of Pike pepper spraying whatever.  This wasn’t even a post, but just an image within a post.

“…what an intelligent post” comment to the image of Pike.  HA!

Next thing you know, some spammer will be telling me they’ve bookmarked my site and how much my writing helped them “see the light” on an image page of a dog riding a jet ski down a ski slope.  Seriously… I created that image and posted below my screen shot of Pike just for that purpose.  Anyone enlightened yet???  And speaking of spammers telling you they’ve bookmarked your site,  why don’t you subscribe… makes life easier.  Oh, yeah… you’re not human – can’t subscribe. But then, you can’t use the bookmark either….

Have you now been enlightened???


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