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Ever Seen a Dachshund on a Jet Ski?

You have now!  And on top of that… the dog is riding the jet ski down a ski slope!  In the famous words of the late, great Harry Caray, “Hooo-leee Cow!!!”

Oh, I’m just playing around in Photoshop using my new Christmas present… a graphics tablet, drawing tablet, digitizer, stylus pen… whatever you want to call it.

More to come… this is fun!  And a helluva lot easier than using a mouse.


    • Thank you! Working on some more fun stuff. I love creating, after all, it’s what I studied and graduated from college in… then was side-tracked with mortgage banking (yeah, I know) and the money made. My entry level design job paid $16k a year (back in 1988)… and being an L.O. was quite a bit more than that. My life has changed now, and have come to realize a while back that life is not all about making money.

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