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Humorous Pictures of the Day | Animals that look like…

Too funny!  CNN‘s Anderson Cooper counts down the best of “The RiducuList” by examining celebs and their animal look-alikes.

The photo of a cat looking like Anderson Cooper was originally posted on Totally Looks Like website, and today, Anderson did his own little share.


CNN Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist monkey looks like Larry King


CNN Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist Walrus Looks Like Wilford Brimley


CNN Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist Mr Potato Head Looks Like Piers Morgan


CNN Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist Horse Looks Like Gary Busey


CNN Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist Alpaca Looks Like Rihanna


CNN Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist Cat looks like Anderson Cooper


  1. Love the King and Cooper lookalikes. And the Rihanna/alpaca is just sweet; Rihanna should be flattered by the comparison. Of course, in every instance, the animals are better looking than the humans …

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