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The Inner Guts of My Computer | Before and After Photos


Well, today was a quiet, peaceful Christmas day, which is exactly what I needed.  Spent some time with someone very dear to me, and also managed to get quite a bit done computer-wise.  Reinstalled Ubuntu on one of my laptops, set up Filezilla, installed a new router, started researching other hosting companies to move to and get off of GoDaddy, and… cleaned my computer.  I live in New Mexico and, well, this is the desert and there is a LOT of dust here.  Especially after the drought we’ve been in for a year now.  So thought I would share some before and after pictures.  This is only after five months as my system was cleaned out just last July.














  1. Computers get like that up here in Wyoming too, what with all the dust and wind. Have to take care of these things, or lose them.

    I am glad you had a nice, relaxed Christmas, sounded busy too! 🙂

    • LOL… My dear friend, Lyn, who is a groomer/breeder and runs agility just had hi speed internet installed (she’d been on AOL dial up this whole time) and the installer determined her NIC was bad and needed to be replaced – computer wouldn’t recognize an IP. So Lyn calls both me and Clint, another agility runner who is a webmaster. Well, talked to Clint about it… Lyn’s computer has sat on the floor for years with lord knows how many dogs in and out of that room, plus the bird cage is near and bird seed falls and bounces into it, I’m sure. Neither of us wanted to open the tower out of complete terror of what may be living in it. So, for Xmas… we went in together and bought her a new one. It was on it’s way out anyway. When even just opening a folder, you’d sit and watch it load line by line by line by….

      • That was an incredibly nice thing to do for your friend! My tower is wonderfully large. It may be on it’s way out as well, but I still have an extra hard drive to install; just scared to death to do so. These days I seem to blow up the insides no matter how well I ground myself so haven’t installed it yet, let alone cleaned it. The poor thing is seriously neglected. I need to do some serious work on it. One of these days… LOL

  2. As much crud as I wipe off the outside of my computer vents, including ample amounts of dog and cat hair, I’m afraid to look inside. I’ve been in there before, and your computer was remarkably clean compared to what I’ve seen in some of mine over the years.

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