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US Debt Clocks in Real Time. Amazing, yet scary.

Here is a real-time site which shows the US Debt numbers as they are actually occurring.  I am unable to embed this clock, so click here to view it.

If you hover above any of the items, a brief description will show up at the top where it says “US Debt”.  Includes such figures as:

US National Debt
Debt per Citizen
US Federal Tax Revenue
Income Tax
Largest Budget Items
Social Security
US Gross Domestic Product
Total Personal Debt
Mortgage Debt
Consumer Debt
Credit Card Debt
Federal Reserve Monetary Base
US Debt Held by Foreign Countries
US Imported Oil
Small Business Assets
Corporation Assets
Total National Assets
Number of Food Stamp Recipients
Number of Federal Employees
Official Unemployed (note… “official” is not the same as actual)

A snapshot…

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