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Motley News Got a Facelift

Motley News site before modifying the CSS Style Sheet

Tonight, Motley News received a facelift.  Not sure what prompted it….  Oh, yeah.  Pied Type posted a friendly reminder to everyone to change the copyright year from 2011 to 2012 in their footers.  I realized I did not have my site name at all in my footer, and when searching around in my theme options, came to realize that my theme did not allow me to do so.  And one thing led to another, so I just decided “wth…” and purchased the CSS Custom Themes upgrade and made a few changes of my own.  I do not like the white background in the content area… so tiring on ones eyes.  Plus, I wanted this site to match fairly close to my other Motley sites… Motley Dogs, Motley Photos and Motley Videos.  I also, I widened the overall and content width by 50 pixels, but left the sidebar width as is.  Still cannot add my copyright and site name in the footer, but added that in the sidebar (thanks Pied Type for the wording as I mirrored your copyright info, plus added a bit more).  I will eventually create a .png image and add that to the footer with the same font I use running up the left side.  For some reason, though, I lost the RSS icons next to “Posts” and “Comments” in the upper right corner, right beneath the search box.  But it’s getting too late to trouble shoot that now.  I believe that occurred when I adjusted the widths.

Anyway… I’m rambling.  Here is a photo before and one after the changes – like you cannot see th changes now.  But I wanted the same screen shot for comparison.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to 2012!  Toodle-loo!!

Motley News site before modifying the CSS Style Sheet


Motley News site after modifying the CSS Style Sheet


    • SWEET!!!! Thanks! That’s some great stuff to know! I’m pretty good with html and css, but just not sure how to use it in sites. I finally figured out anchors over the weekend, which I LOVE using anchors on longer posts. Just cruised real quick thru the tip site (I need to get to bed ) and there is some AWESOME stuff that I most definitely will use! Especially the columns and tables. In my remembrance post, I copied a table in from a wiki page, and went to the html side of the post, and found all the coding for that. So that was a nice find. But what the tip site shows is much better and explanatory. Again, thanks so much for the point!!!

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