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Guantanamo by the Numbers | Infographic

Here is an infographic provided by the ACLU on Guantanamo Bay.

Did you know… there are 89 men who have been cleared for release, yet still being held prisoner?  This is costing the US approximately $70 million per year to house them.

Did you know… that 92% of the prisoners at Guantanamo were never al Qaeda fighters, according to government data?

Did you know the youngest prisoner held at Guantanamo was 13 years old?

I didn’t know most this… but glad I do now.  Rather a rude awakening as to what’s really going on.

More details below.


  1. This is even worse than I’d imagined, and I concluded years ago that Gitmo and just about everything about it is illegal, inhumane, and an unconscionable violation of international law. I’d never heard the thing about bounties, which I would think on its face casts doubt on the motives of the people “ratting out” other people and “guilt” of anyone turned in for a bounty.

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