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My Date With Brad Pitt

The reason for posting this photo manipulation I did in Photoshop well over a year ago ago is due to a conversation I just had with Chris with Word Play.  Like all bloggers go through, he had a post that just didn’t draw a lot of attention.  It as a great post, Deal With The Devil, but just kinda went “over like the proverbial lead balloon”, as Chris said. 

Without re-iterating the entire conversation (you can click on the link and read it for yourself), Chris thought it was because he was “attacking ‘sacred cow’ Mick Jagger?” as he had posted this photo of ol’ Mick here with the comment, “Jagger fossilized”, which I thought was hilarious!  Perfect description.

Then the conversation went way of who, that is famous, is hot and who is not…. and that reminded me of this photo of my “date” with Brad Pitt….  But he (Brad) did insist that I tattoo my arm just like Angelina Jolie’s.  Guess he was still having a hard time getting over that break up.


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