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Tebowie: Jimmy Fallon’s Ultimate David Bowie/Tim Tebow Mash-Up

This is absolutely hilarious!Β  On Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” brought another magical installment in what we hope continues to be a series of performances, this time with Fallon dressed as David Bowie and singing “Space Oddity,” but with some reworked, Tim Tebow-themed lyrics.

“For the first time, Tim Tebow and David Bowie together as one. Ladies and Gentlemen… TeBowie.”


      • Thankfully, I just set the cup down. LOL But seriously, this is the funniest and most well done Tebow skit I’ve seen. Laughing that loud first thing in the morning is a very good thing. πŸ™‚

      • I thought that was probably Fallon. He’s great with impressions and I knew he played guitar. The piece is really hysterical, although when I posted it elsewhere, about 4 or 5 friends dumped me. ROFL! I’m not sure if they were offended with making fun of Tebow or his religious veracity, but either way, people gotta learn not to take life so seriously!

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