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Mitt Romney Completely Blows Off a Dying Man

This footage was taken from 2007, but Mitt’s opinions still have not changed. In this footage, you will witness the true cold, callous nature of this man running for POTUS.

It is not clear where this is filmed, but there is quite a bit of handshaking is going on. A young man in a wheelchair proceeds to tell Mitt that he suffers from a very rare type of Muscular Dystrophy and will eventually die from it, in addition to the fact that he now weighs less than 80 lbs. Medical marijuana is what he requires in order to stimulate an appetite and tolerate the suffering he endures every moment of his life.  when Mitt mentions that there is synthetic marijuana, the young man informs Mitt that he has tried synthetic, but it makes him sick and he cannot tolerate it – which is most likely true. He then directly asks Mitt, “My question to you is, will you arrest me and my doctors if I get medical marijuana without {inaudible].” Just watch Mitt’s reaction.


Now, my opinion on marijuana… I hate it. Yes, like most people, I have tried it (and I did inhale), but I just do not like it one least little bit. Nor do I care for the smell. People joke about the “skunky” nature of the odor, but personally, I think a dead, rotting skunk smells a hundred times better than weed.

This having been said, for starters I completely support the legalization of marijuana for everyone, not just medical. Why? Certainly not for personal usage… but here are a few reasons. For one, I’ve seen many people high, and although they often act stupid, they are much more civil than a drunk. Additionally, if I am driving, I would much prefer to be on the road with someone who has just taken a hit than someone who has had a few drinks in a bar. LOL… the weed smoker will probably be cruising along about 30 mph, just chillin’ and nodding their head to the music (envision Cheech & Chong here). While the drunk will be flying along 20 mph over the speed limit and weaving in and out of lanes.

Additionally… people are going to smoke weed. Illegal or not. Just look at the Prohibition from the early 20th century. By making marijuana legal, then the states may start taxing it, just like with alcohol and cigarettes. Legalization would also take the profit, crime, and murder out of the hands of the drug cartel. Although weed would still probably be cheaper to buy it illegally than through legal channels.

Medical Marijuana? At the very least, this needs… no MUST be passed and available LEGALLY and without any loopholes to patients suffering to diseases in which legal prescription medicine does not help. Naturally, the pharmaceutical companies are opposed to losing the profit as many people will benefit more greatly from smoking weed than many other medicines. I know several people suffering from such debilitating and painful diseases and they truly benefit from smoking weed. Where there was no appetite, food suddenly sounds good and weight is put back on, or at least maintained. Pain diminishes. Behavior becomes acceptable. On this note allow me to explain my ex-husband… bi-polar, ADHD, and a raging alcoholic. Loved his beer, and EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at about beer number 6 the transition would happen. I would see it literally transform the look on his face… and in his eyes. Then the abuse would come, always verbal and often physical. However, the few times he would smoke weed – he was normal. No drastic mood swings, and he was actually calm and pleasant to be around. I actually kept encouraging him to smoke weed, but he preferred his booze.

Mitt and Marijuana, and this Video

In returning to the topic at hand… Mitt and marijuana. Mitt, nor any other politician for that matter, needs to agree or support legalized marijuana. But they all need to set aside their own personal beliefs, open their minds, and look into the facts glaring right in front of their eyes. This is another problem with our politicians and government… they often put their own beliefs before the needs and beliefs of the citizens of their country. They are elected officials who have been elected to represent the public. When the public speaks, they need to listen. And especially when someone like this man in this video speaks, Mitt should have listened with true compassion and not waved his hand completely blowing him off simply because he does not agree with legalized medical marijuana.

Shame on you, Mitt, for being such a cold, callous asshole.

Watching Mitt’s behavior in this video alone should cause any normal person with any semblance of compassion and morality to oppose Romney holding any elected position at all. Mitt showed absolutely NO compassion and was more concerned with shaking hands than he was with the fact that this man was dying.

Shame on you, Mitt. Shame on you. How can you lay your head down at night after treating this poor dying man the way you did? Have you no compassion for mankind rather than corporations? Apparently not. You can take your millions and put it where the sun does not shine. I have NO respect for you whatsoever.


  1. What an ASS!! Not that I needed any more convincing. If I knew nothing else about him, I’d vote against him because of his stunt with his dog, and because of the day I watched him on live TV saying “Corporations are people, my friend.”

    • I just found out the details about his dog just a while ago. I had seen various “Dogs and Romney” but wasn’t sure what it was about. I cannot believe he drove 12 hours with his dog in a crate on top of their vehicle. He’s wealthy enough… if they couldn’t fit the dog in due to the kids, then get a larger vehicle, an RV, a luxury coach, whatever. Every time I read or hear something else about him, I am completely lost as to why people follow him. There has to be some money involved somewhere along the way. And since Huntsman is a Mormon, too, then I don’t believe it’s a Mormon following. Huntsman is much more of a decent human being then Mitt is. Well, even if he does with the GOP, I don’t believe there’s a snowballs chance in hell he’ll beat Obama.

  2. I’m Canadian so politicly i could care less about Romney or anyone else ! Having said that, he was asked the wrong question, he was asked if he would arrest this gentleman and his Dr. ? Last time i checked, politicians have no power to arrest someone, so if you want to make him look dumb, ask better questions !

    • True, a politician cannot arrest anyone themselves. But they can create and pass laws which would result in the result of the arrest of this man and his doctor – and that, I believe, is what the intent was with the question directed to Romney.

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