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A Few Comments From the Republican Debate in South Carolina

Well, the circus continues.  Here are a few statements made tonight.

• Mitt Romney says he’ll “keep an open mind” around April in regards to releasing his tax filing.

Sorry, I do not believe this. It is very clear he is hiding something.

• Santorum said these three things will keep you out of poverty: “Work, graduate high school, and get married before you have children.”

LOL… well, no. This really is not a laughing matter. I’m laughing at the fact that he actually thinks this. I know so many people who have COLLEGE degrees and cannot get a job.

• Newt: More people have been put on food stamps during Obama than any president in history.

Newt… that’s because he FOLLOWED Bush… the worst president in history. Your words cannot change the facts.

• Mitt: The Taliban are killing our soldiers.

Bring our soldiers home and there will not be any more killing. And to follow up on this comment, Ron Paul kindly pointed out to Mitt that it is not the Taliban but rather the al-Qaeda. (Oops, I’ve gone and done it now… I’m probably being watched by DHS since I just typed in al-Qaeda, and had to google it to double-check my spelling, too.)

• Mitt also very strongly supported “kill, kill, kill” anyone who is a threat, and that the United States MUST develop and have the biggest bully defense system in the world.

• Mitt also stated that he would have signed the NDAA FY2012, whereas Santorum believes that a US citizen has a right to file a habeas corpus in Federal Court if detained for any reason, even if being suspected of a terrorist.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Well, that’s all I have for tonight. I’m feeling a bit nauseous…. Time to find something a bit more palatable for me. But I will finish this off with a political cartoon about one of our former candidates for the GOP party…


  1. LOL. Love the cartoon. Missed the debate — in that I didn’t watch it — but I didn’t miss it, if you know what I mean. I’m sick of all of them, and it’s only January.

  2. I wonder why if Mitt has nothing to hide after leaving office as Govenor Of Massachusetts his staff deleted every email and noted communication he had while in office and also destroyed the computers and scattered the pieces? What was so important that he didn”t want the American people who may one day have the decision whether to vote for him or not to know?

    I wonder how stupid this crop of GOP candidates can truly be, (no I already know) that they do not understand that their aggressive talk about a potential Iran’s and their solution to it is being monitored not only by the Iranian government but thier people as well. There are many in the Iranian population ( especially the young and college students) that are actively striving for a more democratic society, but talk of a military strike can alienate their push for regime change. And those inflammatory comments only serve to give validity to a paranoid regimes suspicion concerning America and serves to accelerates Irans quest to even their defensive “odds”.
    I wonder why the media doesn’t connect the dots to Israel with the assassination of Irans nuclear scientist and their desire to catapult America into a war with Iran by causing Iran to do something in retaliation for this murder. Why and how is Israel a friend and allie? I see the purpose we serve them but what purpose do they serve us where is our benefit in this “friendship”? Is the benefit only that we have a huge jewish population in America who have deep political pockets, and the Christians see their destiny intertwined with the land that Israelis occupy?
    The christian conservatives and the israelis have a vested interest in seeing a showdown with Iran…one for religious reasons Armaggedon as they believe is prophesized in the bible, the other for what they believe would equate to regional stability.

    These are truly dangerous people puching a false ideology across America and globally. Not only are they devisive at home but abroad as well. Their ignorance, hate and sanctomony is all to apparent for any intelligent person to see, from their conversation on race, from the moment Obama began to run for office, to their equating the worse economic downturn with race (subprime loans created the worse economy since the depression) as opposed to the truth The Greed of the largest financial institution. The Repubs have a unique talent in being able to create a narrative…I just hope a few independents and republican voters have the skill set to read between the line.

    • I hear ya! I’m beginning to think that Mitt is the “anti-christ” (well, metaphorically speaking that is in my case.) He truly scares the crap out of me, thinking what would happen if he were POTUS. I seriously do not think that will happen, but it truly is a frightening thought.

    • I hear ya, too! What’s with destroying all the records from his governorship AND refusing to release his tax returns? Mark my words, the man is hiding something … or a lot of somethings. Wouldn’t vote for him if he were the only person on the ballot (I’m an independent, btw).

      • I just wonder whose pocket Mitt is in, what dirty deals and little secrets he might be hiding…and well how much money does he really has and sthe manner in which his business dealings are conducted…most middle class people (as he likes to refer to himself don’t have millions in a bank account). It was laughable to see him equate himself with what impoverished and middle class people go through when faced with being terminated from a job. Most of us don’t have thousands much less millions in our banjk accounts to fall back on or veen family and friends with powerful and lucrative friends to fall back on.

    • Why should I raise a family? To keep some silly superstition about family values happy. How about fighting for a decent education for everyone instead of those privileged to have daddy send them to the right school? How about ending subsidies to corporations – ranging from oil companies to creeps scrounging off the Pentagon?

      Yeah – the best comment on Romney btw was last night when David Letterman said Romney reminds him of nothing more than the White Hunter who says to Tarzan – ignore that volcano – I know best.

      Folks can wait for the Massa to pat them on the head because they’re doing a great job of hating people with less of an income than you. That makes you the smiley servant in the downstairs part of the mansion.

  3. Once I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any manner you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

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