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Project 365 2012 All Caught Up

I just updated my Project 365 | 2012 post with a weeks worth of photos.  I have been house and dog sitting since last week and just now returned home to process my photos.  Even though I had my laptop, I prefer doing all my photo work on my desktop since I have it set up for raw photography work.  Please check out my new additions.

Here is one photo, though, of my “special little guy.”  This is my dog “Dork.”  Yes, I call him Dork.  Why?  Because he’s a dork!  Born completely deaf and blind in his left eye (known as a “lethal white” Aussie), he’ll just kinda bounce around, happy as can be, and occasionally bump into a corner – or me.  Then he kind of looks at what he ran into like, “Where’d that come from???”  Then move on his merry ol’ way.

He is such a happy guy!


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