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Weird News: Campylobacter Jejuni Bacteria Infections on a Sheep Ranch

News of the Weird:  A December news release from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control warned of the dangers of Campylobacter jejuni bacteria infections on a sheep ranch, but apparently only among workers who used an old-style (19th century) method of castrating the animals. CDC strongly urged that workers stop biting off the sheep’s genitals and instead use modern tools. [Wall Street Journal, 12-8-2011]

Lamb Fries anyone???


  1. Please tell me that this isn’t true!!! And then they go home and kiss their wives??? Assuming that they even bother with having having wives, when they have sheep… “EWE are the only one for me, darling!” LOL 🙂

  2. i enjoy biting off sheep’s genitals as much as the next man…as long as they are not wasted. a nice soup, a quiche, an omelet…and it is in this spirit that i am opening a restaurant called The Tender Testicle…i hope you all come in for a bite. continue…

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