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Kudos to 365 Veterans Blog

Although relatively new to the WordPress blogging community, I quickly fell in love with it. The variety of blogs are endless, and those who write their own work do so from the heart – not due to a paycheck from a corporation. The wisdom and insight from many bloggers is a gift to those readers who open their minds, love to learn, and respect the opinions of others. This does not necessarily mean everyone must agree to different opinions as I’m sure mine have p.o.’d many people, but there is always something which may be gained when you look hard enough.

Because I do so support this community, anytime anyone new “likes” a post or comments, I enjoy going to their site to see what new adventures await me. I this case, a “like” came from a blogger who was new to me. Onward “click” I go, and what I found completely warmed my heart…. Project 365 / Honoring a Veteran a day, for a year.

I am most definitely anti-violence thus anti-war as it seems senseless to me as well as a form of response and retaliation to fear from a society and culture different from one’s own, as well as deeply rooted by greed and control of others. However… this absolutely does NOT mean I do not support those who serve our country via the military. Many active duty and veterans most certainly believe differently than I do when it comes to war, and this is perfectly fine as we are each entitled to our own views and opinions. But when a human dedicates and risks their life to serve our country – I am right there behind you in support. Especially when it comes to the active duty personnel who are out there in the field taking a chance that in the next second they may be a victim of a bullet or IED.

In wrapping this up in order to avoid rambling and entering into a political rant, I simply wanted to give kudos to this site as I think what it is about is wonderful and I look forward to seeing each new post arriving to my inbox.

Please check them out HERE.


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