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A Tribute to Fallen Police Dogs, Dox and Lyon

A tear-jerking tribute to two fallen police dogs, Dox and Lyon, in Brazil who died in the line of duty.

CURITIBA, Brazil – Quick, determined and with impeccable senses of smell and hearing, Dox and Lyon lost their lives during a recent police operation.  The two dogs were fatally shot while pursuing suspects in a forest near the city of Ribeirão das Neves on behalf of the Minas Gerais Military Police on May 17, 2011.

As soon as the trained German Shepherds located the hiding criminals, they started barking to alert officers they had located the suspects.  “One of the fugitives fired nine rounds and five hit Dox and four hit Lyon,” says Capt. Paulo Roberto Alves, commander of the Minas Gerais Military Police (PMMG) Shock Brigade, where the dogs had trained and served. “They gave their lives to protect police officers.”

Prior to their cremation, the officers spent a few minutes with the Dox and Lyon’s remains, paying respect to their fallen heroes.

“It was one of the saddest moments of my life,” says Officer Luís Antônio de Castro Maciel, who was assigned to work with Dox five years ago. “It was like he was family to me.”

Officer Welly Lucindo, who was assigned to work with Lyon more than two years ago, says he “lost a friend.”

“What happened was a real tragedy,” he says. “I’m never going to forget him.”

According to Infosurhoy, a permanent memorial is being built in memory of the fallen heroes.

The courage shown by Dox and Lyon, who had been on the force for six and two years, respectively, inspired the organization to create a Hall of Heroes. It’s expected to be built this year at the headquarters of the PMMG’s 1st Company for Special Missions, in Contagem.

The hall will contain the ashes of dogs lost in service, as well as plaques and their photographs.



  1. I can’t “like” this one because it makes me too sad.

    I don’t have a dog, I have two cats. After these that I have die, I’m not doing pets again– just not strong enough anymore to deal with the grief. Some of us have a kinship with animals that others don’t understand as we are all unique as human beings and don’t always care the same about things. Some of us also have a similar connection with the earth itself and all life in it — not everyone has that and we have a hard time understanding and communicating with one another about these things.

    • It’s hard… very hard to lose a pet. And due to health reasons, I’m moving back into my doggie friends home who trains, breeds and grooms dogs… she has about 14 or so dogs there, many of which are getting pretty old, as is one of mine. I’m not looking forward to five years or so from now (of course anything can happen earlier, but given everything goes normally, in 5 years, we’ll start seeing many go.)

  2. Oh my, I started crying as soon as I saw the pictures.

    Like Karmen, I’d sworn never to get another dog. The inevitable loss is just too painful. But after a few years without, I broke down and rescued a Golden/lab. Who knows, at my age she may outlive me. Besides, she needed someone and so did I.

  3. People have this nasty habit of placing animals in harms way. Could it be that on a deep level people think that they are better than animals? I think so. I feel that it goes to that Bible Drivel about man having “Dominion” over everything on this earth. Maybe on some other planet people get put in harms way and eat their food out of bowls on the floor. While I hope that not all humans will push their way to the head of the extinction line; a lot of animals probably just can’t wait for that special day to arrive.


    PS Before you vote, think of how Romney treated his “cherished” dog. So bad that to’romney’ is now a verb.

    • Well, there are different reasons for putting dogs in “harm’s way.” In reference to Mitt – that was completely inexcusable, moronic, and it’s in his nature since he believes in a hierarchy rather than equality.

      Now, when it comes to working dogs, that’s a different story. I’m not sure if you have read the stuff about my experience with dogs – but I have a LOT of it. I live in a house with a professional woman who has spent her entire life grooming, showing and breeding dogs. As well as training. There are approximately 15 dogs in this house.

      I started obedience training when I was 12 (about 35 yrs ago). Now I train and run agility with one of my two dogs. I helped my roommate start up the Prison Dog Rescue and Training program where we rescue dogs from the local shelter and take them into the women’s prison so they can be loved and nurtured, and shown how to love and trust again (most have been abused), and trained in basic obedience skills. Basically, they take dogs that would normally not have been adopted, and make them adoptable. So far, we have nearly a 100% success/adoption rate.

      So, that having been said, and I’m not “braggin,” but simply providing my “qualifications” with dog handling. Work dogs LOVE to work! Although it horribly saddens my heart to see these two beautiful dogs die the way they did, at man’s hand – know and understand that they loved each and every second they worked! It is actually more “cruel” (for lack of a better word) to own a working breed dog and then NOT train it in at least obedience. I own Aussies, and they’re a herding breed – which is a form of work. When I take my dog out on the agility course and start giving her commands, her eyes light up and tail just about reaches the sky! She was meant to be told what to do and to work. And regardless of whether she’s herding sheep or running an agility course – in a dogs mind, that is work. And they’re so so so happy!

      It’s in dog’s blood to “work” for man. And “work” encompasses many levels. It could be nothing more than an English Bulldog being a lap dog all they way up to military dogs. When the lapdog sees that their human companion is happy, then they’re happy. They’ve done their job.

      So, assuming that the human handlers of these two dogs loved them and didn’t abuse them (which is very rare for police dogs or any true working dog), then just know that they lived a wonderful life and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

      • I totally agree with you, on that matter dogs are like men they blossom in working, and also in family life. They are absolutely like us for those two levels.

    • To Phillip, before you bash Rommey for what he did, first you don’t know and/or don’t care to know why he did that but lets not forget that Obama ate dog when he lived in Indonesia. So which is worse?? I’ve seen people put dogs and/or cats in kennels and tie them to the top of there cars several times over the many years I’ve been romming this blue ball. At least the dog wasn’t loose in the back of a truck. So don’t make this a polictical story. This is about 2 dogs that where killed doing what they were trained to do. Like it or not…..And yes I have always had at least one dog in my life, from when I was vary young till the one I have now…..

      • Hi, Todd. I know you responded to Phillip, but I would like to comment, too, since this is my website… 🙂 Comparing Obama eating dog and Romney crating a dog on top of the vehicle is like comparing apples to oranges. Obama was young, living in a country where eating dogs was acceptable, it was served to him and he ate it. The culture there does not think of dogs like we do in the US. There are a few other countries that eat dog, too. It turns my stomach to think about it, but then we probably turn the stomachs of people in Indian by eating beef – which is a sacred animal there and not eaten by anyone – well, most people. There’s always “rebels.”

        I rescue dogs and help with a program that takes them into our local women’s prison for socializing, rehabilitation, and obedience training. Plus I compete my dog in agility, and also train “lethal white” Aussies with touch command and hand signals. My housemate is a professional breeder and has been in Westminster 3 times and we have around many dogs here in our house, some are show dogs, some are rescues – so I feel my dog experience is above average.

        Although I do agree about the comparison “at least the dog wasn’t loose in the back of a truck.” I cannot stand when I see that. It’s so easy for a dog to get hurt or killed. Plus people don’t realize in the summer months just how hot the floor of the bed can get. But this still does not justify Romney crating a dog on top of the vehicle for a cross country trip. That can severely traumatize the dog, plus you never know what will happen. The crate may come lose and fly off. I had that happen with camping gear – I swore it was all tied down more than necessary, but when going down the interstate in Colorado, something jimmied loose and off my gear flew – only to be hit and ran over by a semi. Now, imagine of that was a dog.

        There are other options Romney could have chosen. It is not like he was tight on money – he could have easily rented a larger more comfortable vehicle, like a family extended luxury van. Or even a small RV. Then there would be plenty of room for everyone. If the dog couldn’t fit inside the car they did use, then it was probably pretty cramped. I’m sure the boys would have liked more room, too. I shuttle a lot of dogs for various reasons, and I always make it work so that the dogs are safe. Nothing less. Romney just didn’t put any effort into it, and he didn’t care. His main concern was getting to his destination. No thought of comfort for their dog.

        Romney has all the characteristics of a psychopath, but that does not make this acceptable. If you notice, he has never even partially agreed that he shouldn’t have done that to Seamus. He just keeps emphasizing the Seamus loves it. No, he didn’t. I can guarantee he didn’t. Plus Seamus messed his crate. That was either because he was terrified, or Romney didn’t care enough to stop long enough to walk the dog. When I travel long distances with dogs, I stop and walk them. They rarely ever have an accident.

        Also, there was a story a while back about Romney tackling and cutting the hair off an feminine boy at his prep school – and Romney said he does not recall that incident and completely brushed it away like a fly on his arm. That is a very strong characteristic of a psychopath. Also, the woman who is Animal Control at the shelter we typically rescue from said that a dog on top of the car can be considered abusive and she would fine them. Now, this may vary from state to state, but animal abuse laws are becoming more strict.

        Well, that’s all I wanted to say. Obviously, dogs are a major part of my life, so I was compelled to jump in to respond.

      • Dear Todd, My dog always rode in the passenger seat or stretched out on the back seat. I once had her on my lap for 250 miles (55 lb dog). Romney’s act actually added a word to the English language.

        When he is in the White House and caressing the button; remember that serial killers almost always abuse animals. 1,000 miles on top of the car IS animal abuse. This far exceeds Lyndon Johnson picking up his beagle pup by the ears.

        IF ANYONE ELSE reads this; how about a reply? I would like to hear from all of you about how soft hearted and impractical I am. I already had an old acquaintance tell me “you are too nice to your dog”. He wasn’t an animal person.

        Sincerely, Phillip

        • Oh, I already replied. Primarily the same thing but elaborated that you cannot compare the crate on car to Obama eating dog. Two completely different scenarios. Just because they’re both running for President and have some weird past experience with a dog doesn’t automatically link those two experiences together as “like” events.

  4. You all are fucking retarded. You turned a touching story into some political bullshit. Get a life! Who cares if Romney crated a dog and drove cross country or if Obama ate a dog. WHO CARES. ITS NOT ANIMAL ABUSE!

    • @Anonymous your the retard and Romney should have been banned from owning a dog for life,1000 miles in a crate on top of a freaking car, why don’t we put you in a crate drive a 1000 miles then eat you, one less retard to listen to,would that be ABUSE.

    • I don’t think they chose to be emailed with responses. I don’t see an email listed either. But sometimes that doesn’t always show. I’m just ignoring this one.

  5. Respects to these faithful friends. I have much more respect for my friends Hobo & Annie than most people I know. Here’s hoping that the cops did their job and put the sombitches in the ground. They need killing.

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