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The Colbert Report in 60 Seconds

Throughout time kings and queens held court and their jesters served humor on the people. I’m sure throughout history there were times when these masters of satire were faced with the possibility of losing their heads as they opened their mouths. But most times even royalty could not resist their genius even if the throne itself was being held in humorous contempt. Thankfully today our jesters show themselves in the form of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. I have more respect for them than I do many journalists today. They are brilliant.


  1. I hope you don’t mind me reblogging a couple of your post if you do please let me know but I think you have a powerful message conveyed not in the way you write but in the photos you both complie as well as take…

  2. I LOVE both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert! But of the two, I laugh the most at Colbert. In fact, I don’t think there’s anyone else out there right now who makes me laugh as much and as often as Colbert does. Brilliantly hysterical comedy!

  3. I dearly love these guys. We often get more truth and objectivity from them than from the “real” news media. I prefer to think (and fervently hope) that they are the true voice of most Americans, and that what we see in our political campaigns are the extremes.

  4. I also remember how Jon Stewart was one of the first national voices to start critiquing the Bush Administration, back when almost everyone else was still cowering.

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