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The Parting Shot for January 23, 2012

I wish I knew the story behind this picture, but I do not.
The white wolf in it is magnificent, and appears to have touched the heart of the woman in the wheelchair.


  1. Great shot and very impressive wolf! I’m always impressed with wolves, and wish I could have a wolf for a pet, but I also know that they are not just big dogs, but wild predators and I’ve read about some of the serous problems encountered by people who attempt to have wolf pups for pets, when the wolves grow up and grow into their true wild nature.

    Most memorable story was about the family who adopted a wolf pup and raised him like the family dog, which went fine – until after the wolf matured, and one day the husband came home from work only to find that the wolf had suddenly decided to challenge his Alpha male status, and wouldn’t let him anywhere near his wife. Not sure how that issue was resolved… Lol

    • Yeah, I’d love to have one too as they are magnificent creatures… but they are not pets. I know several wolf rescue, and wolf-hybrid rescue people, and that is one of the biggest problems. People just have no clue what they’re getting into – especially with hybrids. They think they’re getting a dog that just looks like a wolf. Nope… they’re getting the wolf, too.

      • My wife and I were on a cross country ski weekend in New Hampshire, and at the inn where we were staying, they had a beautiful six month old female wolf hybrid there. After asking for permission first, I got to play with her, and she was just as playful and fun as any dog. But duly noted that she was a wolf too, and I’ve wondered what became of her after she was full grown.

        • Hopefully she is happily chasing bunnies. Just last week at work, walked outside to see a woman loading a full grown gray wolf into the back of her SUV, and another one in the back. She said they were pure wolves. But not sure why she was here with them (downtown Albuquerque?) and why she was loading the one. I didn’t ask because she was a complete b*tch – one of those attitudes of, “I AM better than thou.” Now, that’s not directed towards wolf rescuers. I see this attitude ALL the time especially behind the scenes at dog shows and agility trials. That holier than thou attitude. Does nothing for me. So, I’m sure she was expecting me to coo and carry on, but I just shut up, stepped back, watched and admired the wolves.

        • I don’t think that the “asshole-lier than thou” does much for anyone. People who act like that tempt me to get nose to nose with them, with my head cocked unnaturally to the side, while my wide and wild eyes bore into theirs, and I exclaim loudly “Just WHO are YOU to say that the voices inside MY head don’t know what they’re talking about?!?!
          But I do try to avoid this temptation, because I’m a guy who’s afraid of commitment… Or incarceration for that matter. Lol

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