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Pray Tell? What Is This Falling From the Sky?

Pray tell… what is this strange stuff falling from the sky? Would this be what they call rain? Why, I believe it is! And what is that strange looking thing on the ground? A puddle you say??? Why, I believe you’re right. I must go google what a puddle looks like to make sure that is indeed what this is!

Woke up this morning to actually see it was raining! What a wonderful thing!! New Mexico has been in a horrible drought for over a year now, ranging from severe to exceptional. Is our drought over now? Not even close.

Just had to take a few photos for memory’s sake… The first one is a lovely muddy paw print. Now, many people complain about their dogs dragging in mud. Here is my philosophy on this. For one, it means we have rain to make mud, but more importantly, it means I have two wonderful dogs living here with me. I will take the mud and the fur any day. The second is a nice capture of a drop of rainwater hanging from the eave. 



  1. I really believe one has to live in the Southwest to fully appreciate rain. I may grouse about it on rare occasions, but I never, ever take it for granted.

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