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Romney-Gekko 2012 Ad: Believe in America – Hide Your Money in the Caribbean

Following Recent Reports That Romney is “Parking Millions in the Cayman Islands,” the Corona-style ad Makes No Apology: “Believe in America, Hide Your Money in the Caribbean.”    

Cayman Islands – The Romney-Gekko 2012 campaign (a satirical project of Americans United for Change) unveiled the third in its series of mock campaign ads (web video) called “Find Your Tax Haven. “ The ad, inspired by Corona’s “Find Your Beach” campaign, follows ABC News’ report last week that Mitt Romney is ‘Parking Millions in the Cayman Islands’ . The Wall Street Journal’s follow-up reporting found that the Romney campaign’s claims that this has no effect on the amount he pays in U.S. taxes “may be wrong or misleading” according tax experts who “said some of the offshore holdings are likely intended to help Mr. Romney avoid paying an obscure but hefty tax of as much as 35% on some of those investments, held in a tax-deferred retirement account.”

Corporate raider Gordon “Greed is good” Gekko rushed to the defense of his embattled running mate. “Paying your fair share in taxes is for wimps, not guys like Mitt and me” cackled Gekko via a Motorolo DynaTAC, coincidentally phoning in from an undisclosed Caribbean location. “So what if the malfunctioning corporation called the USA loses $100 billion in revenue each year with corporations and 1 percenters taking advantage of these offshore tax havens? Sure that leaves the average American stiff paying over $400 more, but it’s a zero sum game, sport. Somebody wins and somebody loses.”

As of press time, Gekko was still “laying low” in the Cayman Islands, riding out the bad publicity from the failed hostile takeover of Bluestar Airlines and his thwarted plot to dissolve the company, liquidate its assets, fire all the workers and raid the union’s pension fund. On that matter Gekko would only say: “You don’t win ‘em all, you keep on fighting, and if you need a friend, get a dog, it’s trench warfare out there.They can’t all be like GS Industries,” referring to the steel company his running mate Romney took over that ultimately went bankrupt, costing over 700 workers losing their jobs, health insurance and a part of their pensions, but not before Bain Capital partners paid themselves tens of millions of dollars in dividends.

“Now THAT’s how you ‘liberate’ a company, sport,” Gekko added. “And tell Mitt, if he needs to get away from the bad headlines for a few days, I’ll send the jet to pick him up. I’ve never seen a painting that captures the beauty of the ocean at this moment.”

Source: Romney-Gekko website – Check it out!


  1. Mitt is just like his father George was. A flip flopper, prone to gaffs, and whatever else. Mitt thinks he’s a humorous person, but he’s not. Stiff as cardboard, and boring as hell. I know this because he was governor of my state for four years. I could tell you more, maybe at a later date.

    • I was/am hoping to hear more about Massachusetts under Mitt from you…. He is the epitome of a snake in the grass. And hope you don’t mind I reblogged one of your political cartoons. I so love them!

      • I like it when other bloggers reblog one of my posts. So feel free to reblog anything you like.

        Here’s another tidbit about Mitt. While he was governor, he would go on trips to other states, for whatever reason, and he would actually make fun of, and put down Massachusetts. Then he would come back, and act like nothing happened.

        You’re spot on when you said he is a snake in the grass.

        • Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me. I don’t believe he has a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming POTUS, but if he did, the first thing he’d do is incorporate the US and call it “United States Capital Inc.” (… excuse me… I need to go vomit… brb….)

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