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Lego Space Mission

Utterly amazing! Two Toronto teenagers with an interest in space flight became overnight rock stars after their mission to send a Lego man into near space captured international attention.

Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, two 17-year-old Agincourt Collegiate students, successfully sent a balloon carrying a Lego man and a small Canadian flag to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere.

Two weeks ago, the unit was attached to a helium-filled balloon and launched from a park near Ho’s east-end home, ascending 24 kilometres in 97 minutes before the balloon popped.

The Lego man and his cargo fell safely to Earth, with the help of a homemade parachute, where it landed in a field near Rice Lake, about 120 kilometres from the launch point.

I would like to thank Eideard for posting and bringing this wonderful story to my attention.

Here is the video of the ascent. Absolutely phenomenal views captured as the balloon reaches an extraordinary height. You can hear the balloon pop and watch part the the descent until the camera goes out. Video uploaded on Jan. 25th and as the time of publishing has well over one million views.

Kudos to Mathew and Asad for your wonderful imagination and successful flight! This is what dreams are truly about.

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