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Will Walmart help India or destroy it?

Millions of shop owners in India are fighting for their survival, as the threat of Wal-Mart knocks at the door. While entry for international supermarket giants has been shelved for now, there are those who argue the move would be good for consumers and employment.

To put it very simply, I hate Wal-Mart. This big box store has infested our country by providing goods at a lower price while successfully profiting due to low wages and benefits. Additionally, many of the goods produced by Wal-Mart are now made in China, which is how the store is able to provide such low prices. The Chinese employees are paid ridiculously low wages and work long hours. If a company were to operate in the US as Wal-Mart does in China, here it would be called slave labor and highly illegal.

If Wal-Mart were to enter into India, the same thing will happen there as has happened here in the United States. Many of the family-owned stores will be forced to go out of business. Yes, there will be jobs created via Wal-Mart, however, I believe that when you deduct the jobs lost due to businesses closing down from the jobs created at the stores, there will be a low or possibly a negative net gain of employment.

Click HERE if you would like to view and/or download a study called, “Big Box Stores Economic Impact Studies.”

I really wish Wal-Mart would just go away.


  1. I broke the Walmart habit 5 years ago. I have been in there maybe 5 times since. I saw that documentary of the doings in China a few years back.

    • Our government really needs to heavily fine or increase the tax rate significantly for those companies which export jobs. It needs to be such that it costs a company less to keep the jobs within our country rather than overseas.

  2. I won’t shop in Walmart either. They are part of that wealthy 1% and in my opinion they are not only economically corrupt but are also trying to take over the globally economy and want to be the puppet master behind world leadership along with the Koch brothers and a few others.

  3. Soon the only stores left will be Wal-Mart, Target and whatever else is left, which won’t be many, for the average consumer to go to. Just think of all the big retailers that Wal-Mart has put out of business. Pathetic.

    • I buy just about everything either local or off of the internet – and never from major stores, unless it’s computer stuff. Can’t beat TigerDirect or NewEgg for that stuff. When it comes to grocery shopping, I do love Costco. The prices are phenomenal (better than WalMart), a lot of American made products, and a much better, more healthy choice of foods than Wally World. And I really love the way Costco takes care of their employees. When it comes to holidays, they basically tell everyone to go home and spend time with their family.

  4. Destroy. Owned a retail business for ten years and know how Wal Mart and other big box corporations operate -and the illegal deals they get/make with manufacturers. Wal-Mart was busted at least once during the past ten years via a deal done with Mattel.

    I won’t shop at Wally World to save twenty five cents on underwear… in order to put a private and hard working business OUT of business.

    Good stuff my friend.

  5. I can’t condemn WalMart on the China thing alone because it seems like these days most of our products are made there. Just the other day Apple was being condemned for the same thing. But I don’t like them or the way they do business and I won’t shop there.

    • You are correct. It’s just so easy to target Walmart (no pun intended). And I read that on Apple yesterday, too. We really need to penalize companies moving jobs overseas enough so that it costs them less to stay state-side.

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