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Rachel Maddow Slams Romney For Still Getting Paid For Killing Jobs

Thank you, The Fifth Column, for posting this video. The beginning is very surprising.

The Fifth Column

Rachel Maddow illustrates the fact that Florida Republicans are about to vote Mitt Romney who is still making money off of laying off people in the state.

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  1. Holy cow!!!! Is it legal to be that rich? No, I know it is. What scares me is why a man that rich wants to bother being president. Power trip? Another trophy for his trophy case? It certainly isn’t altruism (eg, Bain Capital). The presidency of the United States shouldn’t be for sale to a political dilettante, or to anyone, but clearly it is. 😥

  2. If you want to give the one percent control of the White House, Mitt is your guy! He’ll take care of his own while taking care of himself, and the rest of us will suffer the consequences of whatever serious problems arise in our lives as a result. Or maybe there will be another financial meltdown and national crisis even worse than what happened in 2008… Mitt and his friends can make it happen! Because corporations are people! And apparently they are collectively people who are pathological psychopaths with no conscience whatsoever for the mass human misery that they cause.

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