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Meet Anna Watson Univ of Georgia Cheerleader Who Can Dead Lift 230 lbs

Meet a college cheerleader who looks more like an Olympic bodybuilder.

Anna Watson of the University of Georgia does not look like a typical member of a pep squad. But thanks to a rigorous workout schedule and a disciplined diet, the 5-foot-10 inch Watson sculpted four inches of muscles on her arms in 10 months, according to Red and Black, Georgia’s student newspaper.

A photo of Watson flexing her muscles has made waves on the Internet and on Twitter, and Watson appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday.

The sculpted Watson was even offered a $75,000 fitness modeling contract, but she turned it down after struggling and failing to gain the required 50 pounds of muscle. She also feared taking legal anabolic steroids, and didn’t want her body to define who she was.

Watson, a former gymnast, even cut back on her workouts out of fear that it was consuming her. She still works out three times a week with the cheerleading squad and five times a week on her own, according to Red and Black.

Photos courtesy of Red and Black


  1. Okay… so what’s wrong with women looking soft and feminine, and men looking hard bodied and strong? Women can be CEOs and if they’re as qualified as the next guy, then who am I to object? But while I love women who are highly intelligent, creative, and funny, I’m never gonna go for the one with the biggest guns!
    Does that make me old fashioned???

    • Not at all. Altho I appreciate the work she’s done to get to that size as I used to work out as well. It’s just not my thing to be that big. But if she likes it, then I support whatever makes her happy. But I’m NOT going to take her on in an arm-wrestling match, for sure. 😉

      • Don’t get me wrong – I admire women who work out and keep themselves in great shape, and I think that a strong and well toned female body can be sexy – like the kind of body that dedicated swimmers, gymnasts, rock climbers and yoga practitioners have. But when they start looking like bulging muscled body builders, they kinda lose me. But that’s just my personal opinion, and to each her or her own.

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