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Red Hot Chili Peppers New Release | An INTERACTIVE Video (this is great!)

The Red Hot Chili Peppers just released an interactive version of the music video for the band’s latest single, “Look Around.”

First of all, I’m a Red Hot Chili Pepper fan. Reminds me of my days of rock climbing and working at the climbing gym. In putting that aside, this song and video both rock! The interactiveness is fun, and I am not a gamer.

Users can pan the camera back and forth between rooms at will, zoom in and out of different aspects — and discover hidden easter eggs that contain links to photos and videos.

Now, click on the arrow to get it started, but it will take a few moments to actually start. So be patient. At first I thought it wasn’t working. But it works just fine.

If you click on the “Hints” you will see objects highlighted. Clicking on a highlighted object does stop the song and either a photo, or raw footage will come up to view. I just kept spinning in circles to get the whole 360 degree view.

This really rocks! I’m a geek and I LOVE technology!!!

Source: Mashable


    • I hear ya. I so LOVE the RHCP!!! We would jam on them when I worked at the climbing gym. I’d always crank them up when I was getting ready to start pulling the moves on the roof route.

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