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Photo of the Day | Obama in Shock and Awe

I love this photo of Obama. There is no faking this look on his face. President Obama invited young scientists and inventors to the White House to show off their creations. Here is a photo capture of the look on Obama’s face when 14-year-old Phoenix resident Joey Hudy designed this Extreme Marshmallow Cannon and demonstrated it at the second White House Science Fair Tuesday.


Here is the footage followed by some home footage of Joey and his cannon:




  1. Like watching the little boy in him to see that photo. He and the First Lady are refreshing breaths of air in the White House. Did you see her in the fitness challenge with Adam Sandler?

    • I know. We get to see the human and inner child in him. Naturally, any POTUS must act in a certain manner throughout the day in public appearances. But this is wonderful. Get to see a little bit of what he is really about.

    • Agree. Hmmmm… I wonder how Mittens would have acted. “Here kid, here’s a buck for ya’ for your creativity. Now, don’t go spending it all in one place. Our safety net may have some holes in it.”

  2. I think this has become one of my favorite pictures of the President. Can you imagine how empowered that young scientist must have felt how proud to keep pushing the boundaries of his intelligence …when you can AWE the President….

  3. I love it. There are sincere moments when I forget how much I distrust all politicians. There are moments when the President’s mask falls and you see is a normal person with normal interests.

    Thanks for posting this Michelle, I’ve had a cynical day.

  4. I love that our current President still has a sense of wonder about science. However I think that this photo is going to start a meem using his expression. Just wait for it….

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