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Private Meeting of Koch Brothers et al Pledge $100 Million to Beat Obama

I find this very, very frightening. The power the Koch Brothers have – and so many people do not even know who they are. These are the two that are “men behind the curtain” which are running our Republican Party, and helped fund and motivate the Tea Party. They will stop at nothing when their billions are threatened. Nothing.

According to Huffington Post, at a private three-day retreat in California last weekend, conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch and about 250 to 300 other individuals pledged approximately $100 million to defeat President Obama in the 2012 elections.

A source who was in the room when the pledges were made told The Huffington Post that, specifically, Charles Koch pledged $40 million and David pledged $20 million.

The semi-annual, invitation-only meeting attracts wealthy donors, Republican politicians and conservative activists. Last year, hundreds of activists gathered outside the walled-off resort to protest the meeting. This year, however, the conference went off quietly.

“Conference organizers and their guests successfully slipped in and out of the Coachella Valley without being detected, by buying out nearly all of the 500-plus rooms at the Renaissance Esmeralda resort in Indian Wells,” reported The Desert Sun. “The resort closed its restaurants, locked down the grounds with private security guards and sent many workers home.”

This is the ninth straight year the Kochs have hosted the conference. As Politico reported last year, the meetings often adjourn “after soliciting pledges of support from the donors — sometimes totaling as much as $50 million — to nonprofit groups favored by the Kochs.”

The fact that the wealthy conservative donors pledged $100 million for the 2012 elections shows how intent they are on trying to get Obama out of office — and previews how intense, and likely nasty, the general election will be.

Here Cenk Uygur, from The Young Turks, breaks down the story and how this money may tip the election.

Additionally, if you have not seen “The Billionaires’ Tea Party,” please check it out here. I posted this on April 19, 21011, and if this does not wake you up, I do not know what will. Here is a bit more about it:

Video produced by Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham
His closing statement, “Be careful what you wish for… you just might get it.”

The Tea Party movement has taken American politics by storm. But is this truly a populist uprising or one of the greatest feats of propaganda ever seen? Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham sets out answer this question, finding that behind the movement’s rhetoric of ‘freedom’ versus ‘socialism’ lies a highly co-ordinated network of shadow groups, funded by the likes of billionaire ideologues Charles and David Koch. Are the Tea Party protestors really just pawns in a plan to replace government with a privatized America?


  1. EXCELLENT Post! The fact that the rich and corporations covertly ran America used to be portrayed as fodder for conspiracy theorists and John Birchers. However reality says that the “people” haven’t run the American democracy for a very log time, if ever. Carlin is always my go-to guy here. “Consider how stupid the ‘average’ American is, then consider that at least 50% of the rest are stupider than that”. Amen. Governments don’t fear the dimly minded. They fear a smart, active,and informed populace. THAT’S why government activism by Koch brothers and manipulated “Teabaggers” works.

    • Thanks! These two really frighten me. And the main stream media is very quiet about them – they have the power and money to shut up many, including the MSM. I just have a sneaking suspicion that they’re in cahoots with Mittens behind closed doors. That Billionaires Tea Party really woke me up. It may be an hour in length, but it is well worth watching. I recommend watching that over any prime time show any day – and no commercials!

    • “Corporate fascism.” Yes, I can say it. And that is absolutely what they want. And they brainwash so many uninformed citizens that “yes” to corporations and “no” to gov’t regulations is in their best interest.

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