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I am Moving Today

Well, just about to tear down my system for the day. Kind of painful since I’m so addicted to the internet, blogging, photography and graphics. But I will be back online later tonight. I am moving into my dear friend Lyn’s house. The lady who is a professional dog-everything.

Having MS has been very difficult, but I have been through tough times before. However, my health from this disease is deteriorating me almost on a daily basis. Therefore I stepped down from my position as Director with the company I work for as well as cut back to 30 hours per week. I simply cannot work more than that and the stress from my job is not helping my health at all. In doing so, I took a $15k cut in salary, so maintaining a house on my own is more than I’m willing to handle. And, honestly, I do miss Lyn’s company and the dogs. OMG… did I just say that? LOL… yes, I do. Even with the doggie chaos, the barking, the rotation of teams of dogs in the yard, they all bring a smile to my face which has not happened much in the past several months.

Yesterday I actually managed to lay carpet in the two rooms I am going to occupy (LOL.. a new movement, “Occupy Lyn’s”), and I’m paying for it today. I am so sore and weak, can barely walk. But I have some very strong male friends all coming over in a few hours to do the work for me. They’ve always been there for me no matter what. I am very fortunately to have the friends that I do have. They are rare. It is most definitely quality not the quantity that truly matters in life. They are the kind of friends that I would jump in front of a bullet to save their lives if I had to. I have family back east, but, well, it’s just best to say, “You can pick your friends, but you cannot pick your family,” and I will leave it at that.

So, cheers everyone! I will be back on later tonight, and I’m sure in the future, the comedy from these critters will provide me with ample blogging material as well as lots of photography.

In this picture is Annie (left), who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and a rescue. The curly mop on the right is Sebastian, who is a Champion Portuguese Water Dog.


  1. Moving. Ugh! But what lovable huggable dogs you have waiting for you. I’m naturally partial, since my golden/lab rescue is also named Annie.

    Hope your move goes well and isn’t too taxing.

  2. Happy moving..if there is such a thing. I HATE moving. I have a friend who says that moving should be the criminal penalty for people who are convicted of a Felony. Their sentence should be having to move every two weeks. Get your “stuff” back up and running! I have gotten addicted to your posts..AND you don’t want to read about a man in blog withdrawal in New would be scary for little children! My very best back to you!

  3. Here’s hoping the move went well,and you are now happily settled in.
    Just one question – did you remember to turn the water off and close the refrigerator door on your way out of the old place?

    • Funny. Ha! I haven’t torn down my system yet. Heehee. I’m taking a load of stuff plus my dogs down first, then will come back and start breaking it down. But thanks for the reminder!

  4. To compensate for that $15K loss of income…..make a weekly video of you eating crab legs and put it up on a “Crabs” site….you’d make a million!!

    • Hey, if it means I can eat king crab legs more often, I’m all over that! Actually, I have other plans, which include working from home on the internet and doing what I enjoy doing. And a lot of time with dogs. Goal is to eventually leave the company I am with by the end of the year. I am grateful for my job, it’s paid well, and I have insurance. But it is very stressful. We manage large blocks of rooms for sporting tournaments, typically utilizing 20 hotels per event, with upwards to 1,000 reservation per night. The hospitality industry is NOT my cup-of-coffee.

  5. Sorry you’re feeling so worn down, good luck with the move, and we’ll look forward to your return. Gotta have Motley News and gotta have your charming online persona to go with it! 🙂

  6. Michelle, i hope you are settled in by the time you read this…and surrounded by these sweet critters you love. good on the guys who are there for you…i do hope you are okay, regaining your strength, and ready to get back to it. continue…please…

  7. Enjoy this new chapter of your life. I too have been moving the past few days. New chapter in my life also. Unexpected changes. Life would be better if I could get my dog to pack and unpack his own stuff! 🙂

    • Oh, you are NOT kidding there! All the dog stuff alone would have fit in my Caravan, with seats removed. Luckily a friend has a big ol’ pickup and huge flatbed… and we fill that, my van and Lyn’s van. But it’s all moved. Between 4 crates, their food, snacks, agility jumps and weave poles, they have a lot.

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